27 Weeks – Baby Bump Update

I know I am a little bit late to the party, and I really wish I did this from the very start of my pregnancy! Anyway, here we go..


How far along? 27 weeks! Little Knox now weighs about 900g and is the size of a big Aubergine

Total weight gain: 12kg’s

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Safety: How To Protect Yourself & Your Children During A Hijacking – Tips From An Expert

Ever since I heard the news of little Taegrin (4) who was dragged to his death behind a hijacked car when his foot got caught in the seatbelt.. I have been a paranoid mess.

Taegrin Morris‘ mum had just strapped her son into the back seat of her VW Golf when she turned around to find a group of men, one of whom pointed a gun at her head.
Chantel Morris, whose daughter managed to escape, pleaded with the hijackers as she wrestled with her son’s seatbelt, telling them: “Take everything but just let me take my child.”

Every parents’ worst nightmare.

The following article was published by the Founder of the National Hijack Prevention Academy, Richard Brussow. – I cannot remember what site it was posted on, but I saved it as it gave me some sense of peace knowing what I should do if it were ever to happen to me. And the chances of it happening is not that slim, South Africa has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world – we live in fear every single day.

Statistics indicate that children are seldom taken in hijackings – in fact, it only happens in six out of 24 000 cases. Criminals know that when children are involved, their crime escalates to a priority crime which will attract a lot of attention; the last thing criminals want is a lot of attention,” Brussow says. Continue reading

COMPETITION TIME! Win with Babazoo & Caffeine and Fairydust

Time for our very first competition!


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The more you share, the better your chances! Winner will be announced on 1 November 2014 – Good luck!

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What I Will be Packing In My Hospital Bag – The Ultimate Checklist

I must say, this time around pregnancy has been much easier – I think it is mostly because I already know what to expect.

Being a little tiny teeny bit of a control freak I love being organized and prepared so for me it has come to that part of my pregnancy where it is time to pack the hospital bag.
Most women go into labour in the two weeks before or after their due date, but I believe in being prepared so have your hospital bag packed from about 28 weeks already. Maybe I’m crazy, but in all honesty – who isn’t?

Please note that I will be having a Caesarian – so I will be packing for 3-5 nights in hospital.

The first time around I went completely overboard, I think I took half the house with me – so here is a sensible yet fully prepared mommy hospital bag checklist:

Mom’s Hospital Bag:

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A Recipe For Heritage Day – Sweetcorn Bake

To my fellow South Africans – Happy Heritage Day! Like many of you we will be braaing to celebrate this wonderful day and I thought I would share this easy, quick and extremely delicious recipe with you.

This is a family recipe, and was my favorite dish growing up! I substitute the milk with Soy to accommodate my husband and daughter – but it makes absolutely no difference to the taste.

It is a perfect dish to accompany a braai (barbecue) – especially for people who are not fond of salads (like my husband) and kids who are not fond of veggies.

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It’s A Boy! What Do You Do With Them?

From the day Cole and I decided we wanted to try for our second child, I have wanted a boy. I even used the Chinese Gender Predictor Calender (don’t judge me, it worked). Don’t get me wrong, It’s definitely not that I would have been disappointed if it were to be a girl – in the end we all just want a healthy little baby.

A boy…I could just imagine all the cute outfits I was going to dress him in, how he was going to be a mommy’s boy and how cute and cuddly and handsome he was going to be!

When we went to our first appointment at the Fetal Assesment Center in Cape Town, they confirmed that we were indeed expecting a boy, we were over the moon! I nearly jumped off the bed with excitement, but my thoughts quickly went from absolute excitement to… oh shit. Not even the proud look on my husband’s face could eliminate the fear I felt building up in my deepest heart of hearts.

I do not have any experiences with little boys.. I have 3 sisters and pretty much only female cousins. I also have absolutely no experience with changing little boy’s diapers, but all the stories I hear involve some sort of pee malfunction. ALWAYS. Usually in the facial region. I don’t handle streaming pee in my face with calmness and grace. And my mascara is very expensive. I am the mom of a 3-year-old girl and, for as much drama and tears and whining we endure on a daily basis, she makes perfect sense to me. She loves princesses, pink frosting on cupcakes, dressing up in my jewellery, wearing my high heels, ponies, sparkles, and wearing tiaras when we go grocery shopping, and so do I. That is normal to me.. Boys eat mud.


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