Hi, I am Maz – welcome to my blog/sanitarium.

Even though I am a Fashion Designer and completely in love with it, this is not a fashion blog.. Well not completely.

I am a working mom & self-confessed recovering workaholic. I have a gorgeous 3-year old girl and I am currently pregnant with baby #2! I live in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town with my crazy skateboarding & craft beer loving husband, our two weird cats and of course little miss Mikayla Rose.

This is a place where I can release my thoughts & I have plenty  (good, weird, and probably bad!) I don’t want my head to explode, so this will be my outlet.

Here you will discover honest and relevant beauty product reviews, a daily mommy rant or two, D.I.Y ideas, tips, delicious recipes – tried and tested (by a toddler), all things pregnancy related and general issues most of us face on a daily basis. It will also touch on what it is like being a tattooed mom, young career woman living in what I perceive to be  the most stereotypical statistically correct neighborhood in Cape Town.

All posts are based on my personal opinions & experiences, so please feel free to leave a comment, we can only learn and grown from listening to what others have to say.

If you would like me to write about your product, please drop me a mail at mariza.halliday@gmail.com.

Thank you for checking out my blog xoxo


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