What I Will be Packing In My Hospital Bag – The Ultimate Checklist

I must say, this time around pregnancy has been much easier – I think it is mostly because I already know what to expect.

Being a little tiny teeny bit of a control freak I love being organized and prepared so for me it has come to that part of my pregnancy where it is time to pack the hospital bag.
Most women go into labour in the two weeks before or after their due date, but I believe in being prepared so have your hospital bag packed from about 28 weeks already. Maybe I’m crazy, but in all honesty – who isn’t?

Please note that I will be having a Caesarian – so I will be packing for 3-5 nights in hospital.

The first time around I went completely overboard, I think I took half the house with me – so here is a sensible yet fully prepared mommy hospital bag checklist:

Mom’s Hospital Bag:

• 2 x Pairs of comfy pajamas – i will advise against taking any pants with elastic, even if you plan on giving birth naturally. You never know what might happen and the last thing you want is elasticated pants pressing against a c-section wound. Rather go for yoga pants – also choose dark bottoms. Trust me. Also keep in mind that it needs to be breast feeding friendly – if you plan on doing so. (Seam Free Black Camisole – R199,00 Woolworths)

• Dressing gown and comfy, stretchy slippers – for walking around the hospital/visiting time. Also, your feet might swell quite a bit so it will be best to buy a size bigger than you normally wear. (Machine Washable Black Slippers – R70,95 and Pure Cotton Cool Comfort Robe R325,00 – both from Woolworths)

• x 4-5 dark, high waisted cotton panties

• I.D Document and Medical Aid card/certificate

• x  3 – 4 comfortable bra’s /Nursing bra’s – No one can prepare you enough for this. First time mommies – trust ‘me when I say you do not want any bra’s with any form of underwire anywhere near you. Your boobs will swell and be extremely sensitive and even sore. Your body is going through enough, you do not want to be uncomfortable. (Carriwell Adjustable Nursing Bra – currently on sale at Spree.com for R200)

• Soothing gel breast pads & Nipple Cream – this goes hand in hand with the above. It will help with the swelling and provide soothing relief to sore breasts and nipples. (Medela PureLan 100 37g – R199 plus free delivery from babygroup.co.za)

• 1 x Box of Breast Pads – you will be leaking, a lot.
(Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads 60pcs – R79,99 Baby City)

• Nursing pillow – I wish I took one when I was in hospital with Mikayla. It will make breast feeding so much easier and more comfortable.

• 2 x Packs of maternity sanitary pads – if you do not know this yet, you will need these wether you are having a c-section or natural birth ( Carriwell Maternity Pads – R24,99 Baby City)

• 2 x disposable maternity panties (Carriwell Maternity/Hospital Panties 2pcs – R39,99 Baby City)


• Toiletries – pack your favourite shampoo and conditioner, body wash/soap, face wash, body lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste.

• A large soft towel and facecloth

• Cellphone & charger

• Earphones

• Earplugs and A Sleep Mask – hospitals can be quite noisy!

• Light reading – magazines

• High fibre snacks – this will help with the devil we call constipation

• Hairbrush and hair ties – unless like me your pregnancy hormones made you decide to cut your beautoful long hair short

• Basic make-up – A light foundation, waterproof mascara and blush. In some hospitals the air is quite dry, so take some lip palm with just in case.

• A loose, comfortable outfit to go home in – keep in mind that photo’s will most probably be taken

For Baby:
Most hospitals provide everything except the clothing – phone your hospital and find out what you will need to bring with.

• x 5 outfits – plain white baby grow vests, pants/leggings, tops, booties and beanies
• x 1 going home outfit – you will never forget this outfit, so choose wisely
• x 1 warm blanket and 1x receiving blanket to take baby home in
• A car seat

Is there anything you feel I left out? What was your must have item? Is there anything that you wish you packed?

2 thoughts on “What I Will be Packing In My Hospital Bag – The Ultimate Checklist

  1. I took my Electrical Bottle Warmer as I didn’t breastfeed with Riley, saved me from relying on the nurses to warm the bottles and bring them on time for my screaming hungry baby! especially before I was able to walk.
    Also, I found that strappy loose fitting old school ‘nighties’ worked best for me, the hormones made me feel 100 degrees so it was much cooler, and easier to manage 🙂


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