The Milton Cares Programme… Help Us Spread The Word And You Can Win A Miltons Hamper Valued At R730! { Competition Closed }

I believe in Karma… and I believe that if you have the opportunity to do some good in this world, you should take it. Here is a perfect example of such an opportunity…

By just sharing this post on a social media platform you could win a Milton Hamper to the value of R730! Not to mention that you might save a life or two in the process…

In 2012, Intestinal infectious diseases were ranked the first leading cause of death in babies in South Africa. This includes illnesses such as gastroenteritis and diarrhoea.  *Statistics South Africa. In 2009, diarrhoea was the leading cause of death among children younger than 5 years and accounted for 18% of the deaths in this age group. Milton is on a mission to reduce these statistics in South Africa and has made a commitment to make a difference by inviting you to join in! 

EDUCATE, NOMINATE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE through the Milton Cares Initiative.

Milton has made a commitment  to distribute 1 000 baby bottle Combi sterilisations packs that can be used in a microwave or with cold water.  Milton offers a tried and tested sterilisation solution that is scientifically proven to kill all commonly known germs including thrush.  Milton is committed to reducing these frightening gastroenteritis statistics by providing world class sterilisation technology to communities in need/to babies at risk.

The Milton Cares Initiative provides relief with their mobile educational sterilisation drive.   While gastroenteritis can affect every household we understand that education and understanding the effectiveness of Milton can change lives.Milton cares

The nomination process could not be easier.  Go onto www.milton, click on the Milton Cares initiative link and submit your request.   Milton will dispatch an educator and Milton Combi packs to the area in need.   Once the request has been fulfilled, images and a short write up will be sent to you,the nominee – this will allow you to see the difference you have made.

Milton Give a Child a Family (1)

“We have the opportunity to change lives.   Milton works.   Through education and a little effort we will make a difference.” – Milton Marketing Manager Steve Donald

Milton leading the way in “Maximum Protection for your baby”


Facebook: Milton South Africa


Just by sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter, you can win this amazing Milton Hamper to the value of R730! Be sure to tag Caffeine and Fairydust (Facebook)  or @CaffeineandF (Twitter) and use the hashtag #MiltonCares in order for us to see your entry. Please leave a comment in the comment section below to tell us what media you have used to share on ♥

Hamper Includes:

  • X1 Soother Steriliser
  • X1 Combi Steriliser
  • X1 Solo Travel Steriliser
  • Mini Tabs 50’s
  • X1 Surface Spray

(If you do not want this hamper for yourself you can always choose to donate it to one of the various childrens’ charities in South Africa)

 Winner to be announced on 28 November 2015!

Our Little Piece of Heaven…A weekend in Franskraal

I grew up on a farm near a small town called Upington in the Northern Cape, South Africa. I lived there for about 17-years before moving to Cape Town in order to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry (what was I thinking?). Although I absolutely love Cape Town and everything she has to offer, it just sometimes gets too much for this small town girl. I miss the open spaces and the clean air, not having to sit in traffic and not having neighbors on either side of me… I miss uncrowded spaces and having loads of animals. I miss summer thunderstorms and the smell of rain on the farm. I miss my magical childhood.

The past couple of weeks have been particularly hectic. It is one of the busiest times of the year at work, I am pregnant, I’m tired, I am homesick, and I NEEDED a holiday… When my husband phoned me at work and spontaneously suggested that we spend the weekend in Franskraal I jumped at the chance to get out of the city. We packed the car that very night and the next day after work we took to the road. Mikayla slept the entire way there, which was amazing – normally it is two and a half hours of “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Where are we going? Are we there yet? I am hungry. Are we there yet?”.  The drive was gorgeous as always and we enjoyed a breath taking sunset over the mountains, lighting up the beautiful Elgin Valley.

Franskraal is about 169 km’s outside Cape Town, but it might as well be another world. We have family friends who own a holiday house there and they are always kind enough to let us use it. The moment you take the turn-off into the small fisherman’s village you can feel the stress and worry melt away.

After unpacking the car we went to one of our many secret rock pool spots and picked up seashells in the last bit of sunlight – we always see some interesting ocean critters like hermit crabs and sand sharks – Mikayla loves it. We braaied that evening (what a surprise) and played some board games while listening to the waves break against the rocks not too far from the house. This might sound boring to most people, but to me… Bliss. On Saturday morning we had a big lazy breakfast, took a drive out to Danger Point Lighthouse and then we unexpectedly found our new favourite spot… A beautiful farm called Panorama Nature’s Haven – a true hidden gem! If you are ever in the area, you have to make a stop here. We were surrounded by millions of puppies…okay eight, but they were insane – I almost convinced Cole to let us keep one. Obviously I failed miserably. We fed the horse, the pig and visited the chickens – after our little bit of fun on the farm we headed up to the restaurant and had the most amazing lunch. I honestly still have dreams about the food. Cole and I shared the Ribs and Calamari Combo Special with a side of fresh West Coast Muscles in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce, while Mikayla went all adventurous with chicken strips. While Cole was drinking his craft beers I gave in to my pregnancy cravings as well as Mikayla’s wishes and had the most delicious chocolate milkshake I have ever had in my entire life. For real… Okay I had two… and some of Mikayla’s, but that is not the point.

After nagging, and hinting, and pining, and whining, and some more nagging from Cole – we ended up going out on the 4×4 trial. It started off not looking like much, but once we got to the top of the mountain the view was out of this world. Cole was finally happy, feeling all manly doing his thing driving over rocks and stuff. We loved our new favourite spot so much that we decided to stay for dinner too. After exploring the farm a bit, watching a herd of baboons and went to go have a look at their newly built castle (yes, castle… with a moat and everything) wedding venue we had our delicious dinner by candle light. We had such an amazing day – just Cole, Mikayla and I. Sitting at the dinner table, I thought my heart would burst with happiness and content. On Sunday we had a long, lazy day on the beach then headed back to Cape Town, our hearts full and minds at peace. Then Monday came… but never mind.

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Our Little Piece of Heaven...A weekend in FranskraalOur Little Piece of Heaven...A weekend in FranskraalOur Little Piece of Heaven...A weekend in Franskraal1743451_768302083182379_749622081_n1186794_768439366501984_1974999318_n1965014_768304373182150_2112434517_n10003503_768300379849216_296815018_n10001360_768302629848991_398605858_n Continue reading

Baby Life Online Shop – My Wishlist…

Baby Life is a very unique, South African based online store for babies and toddlers. They ship all their goodies nationally and internationally and were runners-up in the 2014 eCommerce Business Awards for Best Small eCommerce Business. They consist out of a team of moms & dads who understand the needs of babies, toddlers and of course the parents. Their website is not just a Baby Lifestyle Store, it also offers an informative Online Magazine with articles written by professionals in the field. You can also start a Baby Gift Registry on the site!

I have just about 7 weeks to go until our baby boy arrives, and I am addicted to online shopping – so I thought I would share my ultimate Baby Life Online Shop wish list with you!

For Mom:

• The perfect hospital bag, home-grown chic at its best! Thandana Leaflet Marsala Traveller Bag (On sale now for R2875) & matching Vanity Bag  (On sale now for R725)

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Thandana Leaflet Marsala Traveller Bag chic hospital bag   Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist...  Thandana Leaflet Marsala  Vanity Bag

• A close second for me is the Thandana Aloe White Earth Weekend Travel Bag (On sale now for R1425) & matching Vanity Bag (On sale now for R725)

Thandana Aloe White Earth Weekend Travel Bag Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Thandana Aloe White Earth Weekend Vanity Bag

• I am LOVING Oh-Lief at the moment – the Oh-Lief Natural Tummy Wax (R99) is the perfect way to show your growing belly some love. The olive, baobab and coconut oils deeply moisturize, aiding skin’s elasticity. Ideal for stretch marks and dry skin.I also love the Oh-Lief Natural Heel Balm Wax (R79) – The Olive and avocado oils form this heavenly balm that is ideal for dry, cracked and tired feet. Rich in vitamins A and D, lecithin, potassium as well as vitamin E to protect, nourish and soften. Lime oil provides a refreshing fresh scent, and tea tree oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Oh-Lief Natural Tummy Wax    Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Oh-Lief Natural Heel Balm Wax

• Perfect summer dress – Meoli Goddess Wrap Dress (R650) available in Black, Blush Pink and Mint… gorgeous!

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Meoli Goddess Wrap Dress maternity fashion

• Comfortable and sexy! I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of only finding maternity and nursing undies that look like granny panties and bra’s. Just because we are pregnant/new moms doesn’t mean we don’t still want to feel sexy! Embrace Foam Moulded Breastfeeding Bra’s (R300) are seam free and the revolutionary foam cups retains its form without adding volume to your bust. Satin bows, lace and one-handed maternity clips makes this nursing bra comfortable and sexy to wear.

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Embrace Foam Moulded Breastfeeding Bra's

The Nanny Notebook (R295) -An amazing way of communicating with your nanny, preschool teacher, baby’s grandparent, godparents, au pair, babysitter, father and whoever else is going to share in the amazing privilege of caring for your child. I had one when Mikayla was a baby and it is amazing!

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... The Nanny Notebook

For Baby:

• Is this not too adorable? What a bargain! Myang Hand-crafted Navy Anchor Keyhole Shoes, Pirate Hat & Boats Blanket (R650) or the Myang Pink Birdie Ballet Pumps, Grey Knitted Mouse and Flowers Blanket (R650).

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Myang Hand-crafted Navy Anchor Keyhole Shoes, Pirate Hat & Boats Blanket  anchors nautical

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Pink Birdie Ballet Pumps, Grey Knitted Mouse and Flowers Blanket

Oh-Lief Baby Starter Gift Pack (R220) – Pack includes: 1 x Natural Olive Baby Shampoo & Wash 100ml, 1 x Natural Olive Bum Balm 125g, 1 x Natural Aqueous Cream 50g, 1 x Natural Olive Baby Wax 10g, 1 x Natural Olive Insect Balm 10g, 1 x Natural Olive Tummy Wax 10g

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Oh-Lief Baby Starter Gift Pack Natural Baby Products

• I just love the homemade feel of this Myang Cerise Retro Cat Rattle (R90)

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Myang Cerise Retro Cat Rattle handmade

• There are too many to choose from – I just love these Thandana Nappy bags – they are so gorgeous and unique! ( Currently on sale and prices range from R1295 – R1450)

Baby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Thandana Nappy bags GreyBaby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Thandana Nappy bags light pinkBaby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Thandana Nappy bags blue chevronBaby Life Online Shop - My Wishlist... Thandana Nappy bags coral and grey chevron Continue reading

Baby Bump Update – 31 Weeks. Let The Countdown Begin…

Baby Bump Update - 31 Weeks. Let The Countdown Begin...

So, I am now well into my third trimester…not sure when exactly this happened – has it not only been like five days? When I give birth tomorrow or something maybe I will figure out where Winter has gone and when my daughter turned into a little toddler. I digress.

I went for my check up this morning and he is just perfect – seeing him and hearing his heartbeat completely made up for the fact that I almost vomited on everyone and passed out on the doctor’s exam table. It was also very special as I had Cole, my mom and my dad with me. My parents live 830 km’s away so they always miss out, but today they got to see their first grandson (even if it is just on a screen). We also set a date for the Cesarean, I should really get my butt in gear and start tying up all the loose ends! I am way too relaxed about everything this time around…

How far along? 31 Weeks

Total weight gain: 15 kg’s

Maternity clothes: Not quite there yet – I bought my first maternity dress, but I am still fitting into my loose stretchy clothes. Finding trendy maternity wear is exhausting, and changing rooms in clothing stores are just too depressing for me to handle right now!

Stretch marks: I have 3 new ones to add to my collection of love notes… can’t say I didn’t see that coming

Sleep: There is no such thing. It’s not all pregnancy related though. Mikayla was quite ill after having her tonsils and adenoids taken out which resulted in about two weeks of sleep deprivation, I am working quite hard at the moment and there just is not enough time in the day… Also, I am getting more and more uncomfortable and little Knox is the most active at night (Uh-oh). I know I need to slow down and relax, and I will eventually.

Best moment this week: Finding out that our baby boy will be delivered on the 19th of December… It makes it so real and final. I just can’t wait! 7 weeks to go…

Miss anything? I really miss sleeping on my tummy… you know, that drooling from the mouth, face squashing, comatose tummy nap? It’s the best.

Movement: He is so active at the moment, he is only ever really still in the mornings lately. It also now seems to be a little game to kick my stomach while I’m eating and to poke his little toes into my ribcage. He is currently in the breach position, but doctor said not to worry.

Food cravings: Still the same – pineapple, spinach, nectarines… I am LOVING plain yoghurt and Yogi-Sips at the moment.

Anything making you queasy or sick? The smell of Biltong and Ostrich mince.

Gender: Still a boy (phew!)

Labour signs: Not really, a couple of Braxton Hicks here and there.

Symptoms: The absolute worst is muscle and leg cramps. I get them in my legs, hands and toes – definitely not the most pleasant thing in the world (especially at 2am in the morning). My back is also starting to take some strain and my feet get quite swollen at the end of my work day. Let’s not forget the fact that I have to go pee every 5 minutes.

Belly button in or out? Still in, I doubt it will ever pop out.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but the day is fast approaching…

Happy or moody most of the time: 50/50 – I only get moody because I am really tired.

Looking forward to: Maternity leave in 4 weeks time! I will get two weeks to myself and to spend some quality time with Mikayla before baby arrives.

{Product Review} New! Pure’ Organic Mini Meals

Last week I posted about Pure’ Squish Baby and Pure’ Squish & Go, as you would derive from that particular post – I am a big fan!

As if it could not get better, Pure sent me their new product to review – Organic Mini Meals.

{Product Review} New! Pure' Organic Mini Meals

These delicious pouches of goodness come all the way from Wellington in the Western Cape and is made with absolute love. It is the first South African organic fruit and vegetable purée in a pouch. The product is competitively priced and produced in six delicious variants; Sweet Potato & Pear; Butternut, Carrot & Apple; Pear; Beetroot, Apple & Pear; Apple and Apple & Guava.

Perfect for babies and toddlers, including those who are being encouraged to self-wean but just as perfect for anyone who wants a snack option or day time re-fuelling.

Conveniently packaged for easy traveling, meals on the move or a snack. The pouch with a replaceable lid enables parents to store and keep the organic, puréed fruit and veg until the next meal. The pouch won’t break or shatter, fits neatly into a handbag, baby bag, desk drawer or cubby hole. Athletes will love the addition of beetroot in the Beetroot, Apple & Pear variety too. Pop it in your trail pack for a great treat during a hike or run.

{Product Review} New! Pure' Organic Mini Meals  Certified Organic

Most importantly – no preservatives or added colourants frequently found in other baby food – Just certified organic fruit and veg from Boland Pulp. 

Mikayla suffers from Eczema & Asthma, this means that we have to be so careful about what we give her to eat. We recieved all of the flavours to try and believe me – they are amazing! I am 31 weeks pregnant and struggle to make it through the day at work, the heat isn’t helping either! We popped a few of the pouches in the freezer and I must admit, it is my new favourite energizing snack! Mikayla’s favourite is the Sweet Potato and Pear Puree, I am loving the Apple and Guava flavour!

{Product Review} New! Pure' Organic Mini Meals

Pure' Organic Mini Meals - New Product Review

Rating: 10/10

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Bonding and Not Bonding With Your Newborn… Why It Will Be Okay

When I was pregnant with Mikayla Rose, I often compared it to hell (I know, I am a great mom). I had a terrible experience… It started with severe nausea and vomiting (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) that lasted all day and all night for the entire duration of my pregnancy and it only got worse when my gynecologist at the time convinced me that there was no way that I would carry full term and that I would most probably suffer a miscarriage. I also apparently had very little amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Subconsciously this resulted in me ‘disconnecting’ myself from my pregnancy and baby to some extent. It was stressful and I was depressed – I cried every single time we left the gynecologist’s office. This fear of miscarriage carried on up until about six months – waiting for the supposedly inevitable the whole time. My husband and I never shared this with anyone, it was confusing and private – and we still had hope.

Bonding and Not Bonding With Your Newborn... Why It Will Be Okay

We eventually decided to make an appointment at the Fetal Assessment Center in Cape Town to get a second professional opinion – the result? Baby is perfectly fine and normal, a little bit on the small side, but absolutely nothing to be alarmed about. That gynea pretty much ruined my pregnancy… Anyway…As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Being A Mom With Tattoos, we decided to rather go back to my hometown to have my family doctor deliver Mikayla – we carried a full term and the only reason for the emergency cesarian was that there were very high ketone levels in my urine and my constant vomiting was denying my body and my baby the nutrition we needed.

Everyone talks about that moment when they first lay eyes on their babies, when they felt this huge rush of love, when they knew they would give their life for this child in an instant, when their life hits this pinnacle of pinnacles. My moment wasn’t exactly like that, and it took me a while to realize that it was fine (and normal) too.

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