01/10/2011 Our Wedding Day… 3 Years Down, Forever To Go

Three years ago today I married my best friend, with our gorgeous then 9-month old daughter by our side and surrounded by our loved ones and family,  it was a day I will never forget. Three years later and I love him more than I ever thought possible. Mikayla has grown into a radiant, confident toddler with bouncing gold curly hair and I am 27 weeks pregnant with our son – life is pretty damn great…

Our wedding day was different. It was what I would like to call imperfectly perfect.

I remember the week leading up to the wedding as a whirlwind of mixed emotions: excitement, nerves, a little bit of anger, laughs, occasional stress… but most of all lots and lots of love. Our amazing friends and family literally made our wedding day, everyone pulled in to help – be it with the flowers, the decor, the tables, printing menus and name cards, seating plans and signboards, shoving breakfast down my throat at 7am on the morning of the wedding (thanks Jess). It meant so much to us that our favourite people were involved, adding their own special touches, and that our wedding was such a true reflection of us. It was a celebration of love, friendship and unbreakable bonds.

There are some things that I might change about our wedding if I could do it again…I might pick a different dress or different colors, I might have invest more in flowers, invited more people, or maybe choose not to try squeeze into a wedding dress nine months after giving birth… but the day was absolutely perfect and I have so many amazing memories of it!The people, the moody weather, the food, the jewelry my mom made me, our adorable daughter watching us and dancing around in her walking ring, the hair stylist who is a close friend and still sometimes cut my hair to this day, my bouquet that was lovingly made by a friend, sewing my wedding dress together by hand 40 minutes before I was due to walk down the isle, the look on Cole’s face when he first saw me, Cole’s grandparents dancing at our reception,  I could go on and on! I’m still convinced that we had one of the best receptions of all time. Here are some of the photo’s…

Getting Ready

01 (2)

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The Ceremony

1 2 3 4

Just The Two Of Us

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 297644_295931660419426_1071211163_n

The Wedding Party

1 (3) 2 3 4 5 6

The Decor

1 2 3 4 5 (2) 6 7 8 9 10

The Reception

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 374336_319947184684540_2054737754_n 385530_319948171351108_181042247_n (1) 389854_319946038017988_786927262_n (1) 393314_319951824684076_1489732718_n (1)

Photos: Kathrin Gallova Photography My dress: O’ Hanlon Wedding Boutique (extra beading sewn on by me) My jewellery: made by my mother – Lizzi’s Arts & Gifts Cole’s suit: Groom & Co. Venue & food: Fraaigelegen Flowers sourced from: Bunches for Africa Flower Arrangements done by: Mom & Auntie Lorraine Silverware and table decor hire: Styled Functions Table Decor: Mom & Auntie Lorriane Make-up: Nicole Lea Fourie and Kristy Hair: Melissa Pretorius – Cadillac Barbie Stationary: me, Cole, Lee, Jess & Christy Wedding officiant: Dion Black – Wedlock First dance song: Use Somebody – cover by Paramore Maid of Honour: Lee Halliday Best Man: Adrian Schofield Bridesmaids: Jess McArthur, Christy Watson, Nadia Coetzee, Lizbe Coetzee, Karen Shean & Hillary Randle Flower girls: Wilme Coetzee, Mikayla Rose Halliday Groomsmen: Brendan Lee Jones, Ray van Breda, Daniel Graham Hack, Grumble, Graham Kennedy & Rob Davies

5 thoughts on “01/10/2011 Our Wedding Day… 3 Years Down, Forever To Go

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  3. So pretty 🙂 Love the walking ring! I think there is something special about sharing your wedding day with your kids. 3 of my 4 were there when David and I got married and it made it all the more special.


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