D.I.Y – Adventure Time Costume – Create Finn’s Hat In A Couple Of Minutes

Finn The Human from Adventure Time is by far one of our favourite fictional characters at the moment! Cole will be attending one of our friends’ surprise Heroes and Supervillians Dress-up 30th birthday party this evening while I stay at home with our little one as she is still recovering from her Tonsilectomy and Adenoidectomy – plus I’m not sure if I can still fit through doorways at 28 weeks pregnant.
With all the craziness this week we completely forgot about sorting out a costume for Cole. So here I am, a couple of hours before the party and sick toddler in tow…

What You Will Need:
• About half a meter white fleece fabric
• White thread
• Sewing machine
• Stuffing or cotton wool
• Poppers/Velcro

Step 1: The Pattern
Measure the circumference of your head and add 3cm – I am working on 65cm. Take half of that and draw a line that length. Now draw the rest of the shape as in the picture. The measurement I am using for the width at part at your forehead is 8cm. Add 1cm seam allowance all around

Draw the shape of the ear you want, then add 1cm Sean allowance all around.

Draw a circle shape that would make out the top part of the head – I worked on 19cm diameter – add 1cm seam allowance all around
Step 2: Cutting
Now you can cut your shapes out as follows:
Circle shape x 1
Ear shape x 4
Put your “head” shape on the fold and cut x 2
It will look like this…
Step 3:
Pin the two head shapes together and sew the bottom part together, nip the corners and box out. Now sew point B and point C together.

Step 4:
Pin the circle shape to part A of the head shape and sew together.


Step 5:
Now sew each pair of ears together, nip the rounded corners and box put (turn inside out), leave the bottom part open for the stuffing.



Step 6:
Take a needle and thread and sew the ears to the top part of the head by hand.


Step 7:
Sew poppers or Velcro to part E and F in order to close it up under your neck.

Tadaaaa! All done.

Processed with Moldiv


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