{Product Review} Squish Fruit Snacks – Helping Me With My Picky Toddler

I don’t know about you, but my little girl is a very picky eater. She absolutely loves bananas, but other than that I cannot get her to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. I’ve tried amazing spectacles of art on a plate, begging, pleading, bribing and had to stop myself from resorting to force feeding. Then one day, while browsing the isles of my local grocery store, I saw it – the awnser to my troubles. I bought Mikayla her first Pure’ Squish Baby “juicy bag” and she devoured it. It has been a favourite of hers ever since and the Pure’ Squish & Go snacks is a must have in her lunch box every day. The best part is that it is so good that she views it as a treat, and I can give it to her instead of unhealthy snacks like sweets and crisps.

Squish products are made from 100% fruit and vegetable purée – that means no additives, no colourants, no preservatives and no added sugar or sweeteners. They also utilise current packaging trends, as the produce goes through only one process, straight from the orchard to pouch
nothing but fruit is added. The fruit is pasteurised in accordance with Department of Health requirements, but is not cooked or homogenised.

Pure’ Squish Baby products are specially prepared for you to help introduce your baby to first foods, with its smooth consistency and range of flavours providing easy entry to a whole new world of yum.

{Product Review} Squish Fruit Snacks - Helping Me With My Picky Toddler Squish Baby Logo

Pure’ Squish & Go offers a range of purees for all ages. Enjoyed as dessert enhancers, lunch box snacks or energy boosters, Pure’ Squish & Go is a multipurpose, convenient addition to anyone’s meal plan.

{Product Review} Squish Fruit Snacks - Helping Me With My Picky Toddler Squish and Go Logo

To make life a little bit easier…

Slush Snack: Pop a Squish pouch into the freezer and enjoy later as a tasty afternoon treat. This is so refreshing and the perfect treat for those hot summer days lurking around the corner.
Quick Exit: Getting out of the house with your baby or toddler can feel like the relocation of an entire circus. Take a few Pure’ Squish Baby or Squish & Go pouches along for easy, self-feed meals-on-the-go. Packaged in lightweight, consumer-friendly pouches with twist nozzles that increase convenience and reduce the mess. Sand-free beach snacks, light-weight hiking fuel, stress-free food on the plane, train or in the car. I always keep one in my handbag, there is nothing worse than the wrath of a hungry, grumpy toddler.
“I want to do it all by myself!” Sound familiar? Made from high-barrier material, the Pure’ Squish Baby range ‘spout pouch’ packaging encourages self-feeding in babies eager for eating independence and introduces them to a variety of new flavours.
• Mix Pure’ Squish Baby with cooked vegetables, meat, pasta or rice to create a tasty meal or snack.
• For the Whole Family: De-stress the morning routine by adding a convenient Squish & Go fruit puree to muesli or plain yoghurt. Works just as well in your favourite smoothies or as a post-workout snack in the car. Perfect for the afternoon slump at the office when you need a guilt-free snack.

New Flavours:
Squish & Go: Apple Puree
Squish & Go: Banana & Apple Puree
Squish & Go: Mango, Pear & Apple Puree
Squish & Go: Mixed Berry Puree
Squish Baby : Sweet Potato & pear purée
Squish Baby : Butternut & Apple purée (Mikayla’s current favourite)
Squish Baby : Pear purée
Squish Baby : Carrot, Beetroot & Pear purée
Squish Baby : Beetroot , Apple and Pear purée

Rating: 10/10

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{Product Review} Squish Fruit Snacks - Helping Me With My Picky Toddler Flavours Baby

{Product Review} Squish Fruit Snacks - Helping Me With My Picky Toddler Squish and Go Flavours


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