Mikayla Rose Halliday in 2011 at 5 months old… Where Did The Time Go?

I cannot believe that in about three months time my princess will be turning four years old. How is it possible? This has been on my mind all day, I am so scared that time is going by too fast and that I can’t keep up.

It’s like holding the finest sand in your hands and not being able to stop it from slipping through your fingers…

I was looking at a photoshoot that Kathrin from Kathrin Gallova Photography did back in 2011 when Mikayla was about five months old. It is amazing how much she has changed, but how much she is the same. The shape of her face has grown longer, her mouth has changed and filled out with tiny little teeth, she is taller, more tanned, her hair grew into bouncing golden curls, she is a beautiful toddler and not a baby anymore. I look at these photo’s and I am astounded how her eyes and nose are still the same… I find it amazing that she still sometimes has the same expressions on her face and that she sleeps in the same position (just like her dad).

It crushes my soul that I do not have the ability to slow down time, but at the same time watching her grow is probably the most amazing thing that can ever happen to me. It just reminded me that every second in life counts, and my only job in this world is to keep my children safe and raise them well.






Mikayla on 18 October 2014



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