{Product Review} New! Pure’ Organic Mini Meals

Last week I posted about Pure’ Squish Baby and Pure’ Squish & Go, as you would derive from that particular post – I am a big fan!

As if it could not get better, Pure sent me their new product to review – Organic Mini Meals.

{Product Review} New! Pure' Organic Mini Meals

These delicious pouches of goodness come all the way from Wellington in the Western Cape and is made with absolute love. It is the first South African organic fruit and vegetable purée in a pouch. The product is competitively priced and produced in six delicious variants; Sweet Potato & Pear; Butternut, Carrot & Apple; Pear; Beetroot, Apple & Pear; Apple and Apple & Guava.

Perfect for babies and toddlers, including those who are being encouraged to self-wean but just as perfect for anyone who wants a snack option or day time re-fuelling.

Conveniently packaged for easy traveling, meals on the move or a snack. The pouch with a replaceable lid enables parents to store and keep the organic, puréed fruit and veg until the next meal. The pouch won’t break or shatter, fits neatly into a handbag, baby bag, desk drawer or cubby hole. Athletes will love the addition of beetroot in the Beetroot, Apple & Pear variety too. Pop it in your trail pack for a great treat during a hike or run.

{Product Review} New! Pure' Organic Mini Meals  Certified Organic

Most importantly – no preservatives or added colourants frequently found in other baby food – Just certified organic fruit and veg from Boland Pulp. 

Mikayla suffers from Eczema & Asthma, this means that we have to be so careful about what we give her to eat. We recieved all of the flavours to try and believe me – they are amazing! I am 31 weeks pregnant and struggle to make it through the day at work, the heat isn’t helping either! We popped a few of the pouches in the freezer and I must admit, it is my new favourite energizing snack! Mikayla’s favourite is the Sweet Potato and Pear Puree, I am loving the Apple and Guava flavour!

{Product Review} New! Pure' Organic Mini Meals

Pure' Organic Mini Meals - New Product Review

Rating: 10/10

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