Not To Be Missed! Made In The Cape Artisan Goods Market

Made in the Cape is an artisan goods market, held monthly inside Cavendish Square.

The aim is to showcase the best in local design and handmade artisan goods and include designers in all disciplines and from all walks of life. This is absolutely perfect for Christmas shopping!

All the products are handmade right here in Cape Town by our very talented local artists.

Products include hand cut and crafted silver jewellery, stylish décor items in textile, wood and many upcycled materials, hand stitched leather bags and laser cut earings in leather and perspex – the focus is definitely on quirky, different, one of a kind items.

They also have a range of natural skincare, made with raw honey!

Besides promoting their own small businesses, each of these entrepreneurs also contribute to the upliftment of local communities by providing employment. In addition, and possibly of greatest importance, is the training and skills transfer, passed on to their many apprentices and assistants.

Be sure to visit their bumper 6 day Festive Fair, from 2 to 7 December 2014.
Location: escalator circle, ground and 1st floor

Some of the amazing artists showcasing are:

• Baillie & Kovar Design & Decor who have received lots of exposure in press recently for their on trend designs.

Not To Be Missed! Made In The Cape Artisan Goods Market Not To Be Missed! Made In The Cape Artisan Goods Market

• Designwerkstatt – They manufacture a range of plywood and shwe shwe décor items.

Not To Be Missed! Made In The Cape Artisan Goods Market Not To Be Missed! Made In The Cape Artisan Goods Market

• Small Talk Toys

• Simply Beautiful Jewellery

• Spaza Store

and many more!

2014 South African Blog Awards!

So this is quite exciting – Caffeine and Fairydust is in the run for The SA Blog Awards in the following two categories: Parenting and Lifestyle
The public vote is running from today 25 November 2014 until Wednesday, 31st December 2014 at 23:59!
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You can only vote for one blog per category.

Should you decide to vote for another blog in the same category your original vote will be lost, as your new vote will override the initial vote.

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Maternity Shoot – 30 Weeks

Even though I am a typical Leo who loves attention, I really do not love being in the spotlight or having photo’s taken of me! There is something very special about Kathrin from Kathrin Gallova Photography. She makes you feel comfortable and you just cannot help but love her. She was the photographer for my engagement shoot, my wedding, Mikayla’s baby shoot and now my maternity shoot at 30 weeks pregnant with little Knox. This shoot was so special as I got to share it with my daughter, who I truly believe is the most beautiful human being that ever existed!

I absolutely love her photo’s!

Kathrin, I cannot thank you enough for capturing all these special memories for my family, you are a wonderful person with so much talent!

See for yourself…

Maternity Shoot - 30 WeeksMaternity Shoot - 30 WeeksMaternity Shoot - 30 Weeks Continue reading

{Review} Cruelty-Free Brands We Love: Oh So Heavenly {Giveaway Closed}

Next in the series of cruelty-free brands that we love is Oh So Heavenly – they have recently become a member of Beauty Without Cruelty so not all of their products have the little bunny yet, but as they launch any new products or redo any packaging, the bunny will be added. You can see my post on Animal Testing here.

With brands like these around, you really have no reason to use products that are tested on animals. Oh So Heavenly offers a wide range of products that are very affordable and available at all Clicks stores. Not all of us have the means to shop at high-end luxury brands, and this is the perfect alternative. Their products are amazing!

Oh So Heavenly was kind enough to spoil me with some amazing products to try out. Continue reading

Pregnancy Brain… It’s A Real Thing

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or growing an entire human being that’s distracting you. Maybe it’s the hormones driving you crazy or maybe you really are losing your mind. Whatever it is, it’s your first actual taste of what it might be like to be senile.

Pregnancy brain is not a medically proven phenomenon, but anyone who has ever been pregnant or lived with a pregnant woman knows it’s very, very real.

Here are some of my pregnancy brain moments…so far:

1. The time I locked Mikayla and myself out of the house on a cold evening. This was just after I took my pregnancy test, luckily I forgot to lock my car as well so we stayed in there to keep warm until Cole came home! When he arrived he asked me how I managed to do it and I told him I had pregnancy brain… Biggest goofball smile on his face I have ever seen! Cool pregnancy announcement huh?

2. The time I wore two different shoes to my doctor’s appointment…
Getting dressed should be like second nature…right? I mean… it is fairly easy, I pretty much dress other people for a living. I was feeling pretty well rested, I got dressed and off to my gynea appointment I went to check on my 22week baby bump.  We did a scan, had a chat and off I went… As I am standing at the counter to pay for my visit I happen to look down at my feet… and:

Pregnancy Brain... It's A Real Thing

3. The time I left my car keys in the ignition, in my unlocked car for a whole day… In South Africa… 
I arrived at work and pulled into the parking lot. Nine hours later I get ready to leave when all of a sudden I notice my car keys are missing. A couple of my colleagues and I searched the office from top to bottom with no luck. I was pretty much in tears and hoping that I wouldn’t have to call my husband to drive 45 minutes in traffic with our toddler in tow, so I retraced my steps instead which leads me right back to my car where I find my keys in the ignition – all the doors unlocked. I can honestly say that it was a first for me. Continue reading

Baby Bump Update – 34 Weeks. Exactly 4 Weeks To Go…

I can’t believe it, exactly one month from now I will be holding my little baby boy in my arms! Excited does not begin to describe how I am feeling.

I will admit, I had a brief moment of blind panic on Saturday… We went to a kiddies birthday party and there were two pretty much newborn babies there. Shit got real…real fast. I was too scared to hold them, they were so tiny and breakable! I can’t imagine that Mikayla was ever that small… although she was probably even smaller.

It has been a rough couple of weeks – tummy bug, issues at the office, two scary trips to the hospital, sleep deprivation… you name it. I went for a check-up and baby is just fine – he is weighing about 2.2 kg’s and I feel like a terrible mom as I cannot make out heads or tails from his ultrasound image. I just nodded and smiled.

Baby Bump Update - 34 Weeks. Exactly 4 Weeks To Go... Continue reading