Cruelty-Free Brands We Love: The Victorian Garden Product Review + {{GIVEAWAY CLOSED}}

Next in our series of Cruelty-Free brands we love is The Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Company.They were nice enough to send me a couple of products to try out and WOW! Also, they were nice enough to sponsor an amazing prize for our weekly competition (see end of article for details).
We believe in developing products which are produced with the utmost care and respect for the earth so that future generations may enjoy the benefits each ingredient offers. Choosing organically grown ingredients where possible, means we are supporting organic farming methods which nurture the soil, ensuring it will be fertile in decades to come. A healthy soil means healthy plants which equates to healthy ingredients. We choose not to use artificially produced chemicals and additives which require increasingly scarce elements such as nitrogen for production, and all of our products are biodegradable. Our packaging is recyclable, we use safe pthelate-free plastic which has less impact on the environment than glass, is recyclable and will not leach industrial chemicals into the product thereby keeping it safe and stable. – The Victorian Garden 
To read more about their Ethos and Mission – click here. You can also read more about their history here.
At the moment they are in the process of changing from Beauty Without Cruelty accreditation to Leaping Bunny (which is recognized more widely internationally for export purposes) and this should be finalized by February 2015.
When it comes to your shampoo and conditioner, I’ve got news for you – organic is the way to go! Conventional hair care products often contain harmful petroleum based polymers, silicones and synthetic chemicals that strip hair of it’s natural oils and leave locks dry and damaged (I’m guessing that is not what you’re going for). Their organic counterparts on the other hand are designed to cleanse and nourish hair with all-natural ingredients. An added bonus? Not only is it better for your hair and scalp, but it’s also a small contribution towards a cleaner environment (win-win situation!)
My hair has been in a terrible condition for the past two years or so, and it is completely my fault. I have bleached it, dyed it, stripped it, scorched it and when I became pregnant earlier this year my hair started falling out… a lot! In a desperate attempt to save it I had to have it cut, I was devestated. It took me forever to grow my hair, and even after cutting more than half the length off it still felt like straw! I spent hundreds of rands if not thousands and tried every fancy shampoo, conditioner and treatment (non of it organic) that my hairdresser threw at me and nothing worked. I have been using the Basil & Rooibos Shampoo and Argan & Vanilla Conditioner from The Victorian Garden African Indigenous Collection for the past month and the difference has been phenomenal.
Cruelty-Free Brands We Love: The Victorian Garden Product Review Basil & Rooibos Shampoo and Argan & Vanilla Conditioner
African Indigenous Collection: Basil & Rooibos Shampoo – (+/- R88) This is a sulfate free, pH-balanced herbal shampoo that an be used daily. I am not a huge fan of the fragrance, but my mother-in-law loves it! It has a fresh herbal smell to it and I am more for floral and fruity tones. That does not change the fact that it is a wonderful product. There is none of the usual build-up that you get with most mass produced, inorganic shampoo’s. Wild Basil has been used for years by the African people for its fine cleansing and antiseptic properties. I also love that you only need to use a small amount for every wash and your hair ends up clean and incredibly shiny! You can find it on The Victorian Garden Online Shop or Faithful To Nature Online Shop.
African Indigenous Collection: Argan & Vanilla Conditioner – (+/- R85) A love affair has started. Seriously, if this ever gets discontinued my heart will break into a thousand tiny pieces! In fact, I loved it so much that I went over to the Faithful To Nature Online Shop and bought the bulk pack! The Argan & Vanilla Conditioner is made with pure natural and organic ingredients, and is suitable for all hair types. This conditioner smells simply heavenly (a little bit like cupcake frosting, love and pure happiness), and works to soften, strengthen and repair the hair. Made with real Argan oil and Vanilla oil, blended with plant extracts and proteins, this Victorian Garden conditioner is a really luscious blend that will leave your hair clean, fresh, shiny and oh-so-fragrant. Argan Oil is described as “liquid gold” from the Moroccan Argan tree and is wonderfully hydrating, adding moisture and shine to your hair. Argan oil is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as essential fatty acids to nourish your hair. You have to do yourself a favour and try this conditioner! You can find it on The Victorian Garden Online Shop or Faithful To Nature Online Shop.
The Victorian Garden African Indigenous Collection: Cocoa & Mafura Butter with Orange & Rosemary Hair mask - Natural Hair Mask
African Indigenous Collection: Cocoa & Mafura Butter with Orange & Rosemary Hair mask – (+/- R95) A rich hair conditioning masque with African Cocoa and Mafura Butter combined with precious Argan Oil to repair and nourish dry hair. Vitamin C rich Orange Oil gives hair a nutritive boost from the roots and Rosemary leaf oil helps to cope with a dry scalp. Use regularly to increase shine, strength and manageability, this masque is a nutritious treat for dry, over processed and coloured hair in desperate need of restoration. I have been using this once a week and can definitely see the difference! A wonderful rescue-and-repair remedy for your hair and scalp. You can also visit The Victorian Garden Blog for an informative article on hair masks (Hair Masks – Where We Go Wrong). You can find it on The Victorian Garden Online Shop or Faithful To Nature Online Shop.
The Victorian Garden - Natural Rose, Pelargonium & Sweet Orange Deodorant Roll On
Rose, Pelargonium & Sweet Orange Deodorant Roll On – (+/- R70) I must say… I was not quite sure about this one. I guess I was one of those ignorant people who believed that an organic/natural deodorant could not possibly be effective. Well, I stand corrected. This deodorant is effective, gentle-on-the-skin and completely non-toxic. It has an uplifting, floral fragrance that stays with you all day and smells absolutely heavenly with it’s special blend of feel-good essential oils. I would also like to add that I have been using this product for about a month now, last week I was in a hurry and in my rush I grabbed my old deodorant… it actually burnt my skin when I applied it! I could not believe the amount of terrible chemicals it contains and how accustomed our bodies are to being in contact with them. You can find it on The Victorian Garden Online Shop.
Sandalwood & Bergamot Deodorant Roll On – (+/- R70) I gave this one to my husband to try out. It has a lovely masculine, fresh smell to it. Cole absolutely despises roll-on, but he loves this product. This fresh fragranced deodorant offers safe and very effective protection, with a special blend of essential oils known for their ability to assist in keeping hormones balanced. Just what he needs. You can find it on The Victorian Garden Online Shop.
Feeling lucky? One of you can win one of the following products OF YOUR CHOICE by simply liking Caffeine and Fairydust on Facebook, Liking The Victorian Garden on Facebook and Liking and sharing this image #crueltyfree
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  • A body massage oil of the winners choice
  • A face scrub of winners choice
  • A face masque of winners choice


From The Victorian Garden:


The Victorian Garden was one of the very first members of BWC and were also members of SAAAPEA (the South African Association against Painful Experiments on Animals) until it disbanded in South Africa.

In spite of our decision recently not to renew our membership of BWC, we remain committed to their work and to supporting all Cruelty Free initiatives, including BWC and to spreading the word on Animal Rights issues; we have sponsored BWC over the years in different ways and will continue to promote them wherever we canand if they ask us to, even as non members – they’re lovely folks committed to the cause and they continue to do a fine job.  As a company, and as individuals, we remain passionate about animal welfare and support many animal rescue and rehab organisations within South Africa.  I myself am involved with feral cat rescue and support and sponsor SA MAST extensively for mass sterilisation outreaches in Capetown and SPCA/Animal Rescue in KZN and the E Cape as well as a host of other random needy animal causes which pop up and need help regularly.

We’ve decided to discontinue our membership with BWC for what we consider valid reasons. This does not mean that we have suddenly begun testing on animals or using animal derived/tested ingredients. Nothing has changed.  We still adhere to our strict 23 year old protocol of NO animal ingredients/testing.  No ingredients are ever tested on animals or derived from the suffering and death of animals.

Over the years BWC have required from us written assurances confirming that we do not use animal related ingredients and that no testing is done on animals.  This info we have always provided by way of a confirmation letter and completion of their forms, to their satisfaction. However, their latest request requires not only written assurances from our lab but also a full list of every ingredient supplier which we feel concerned to divulge for obvious business reasons. If we were to supply BWC with a full list of our suppliers, this could inadvertently fall into the hands of our competitors and give them free access to the same suppliers and ingredients we have so carefully researched and nurtured. Our team feels this is not good business practice and as much as we respect and support BWC, we are reluctant to share this information without legal assurances of total confidentiality. Secondly and more importantly, our business has developed dramatically over the past two years and we are now exporting internationally to many different countries. We are under pressure from overseas animal rights supporters to have an international Cruelty Free endorsement by a company which actually carries out regular professional audits. Albeit that this will be more costly for us, itseems to be more acceptable to international consumers and we are therefore pursuing two alternative endorsements – Leaping Bunny (which represents exactly the same criteria and protocol on Cruelty Free as BWC but on a far larger scale) and Naturewatch in the UK. Both organisations are committed to animal rights and Cruelty Free endorsements and both are well respected.We really do need to be part of a recognised international organisation rather than just a local one in order to satisfy all our customers.

It is for the above reasons that we have discontinued our membership.  However, should it be the case that our local South African customers want us to continue membership of BWC, then we will certainly reconsider.  However, so far without exception – from those customers whom we have networked everyone seems happy with the Leaping Bunny accreditation.

Our products remain animal ingredient free and will only ever be tested on humans  – a policy I introduced as the owner of the company in 1991 when we first began trading in South Africa and which will remain in force certainly as long as I own The Victorian Garden.

We have thousands of customers here in SA and overseas and a large percentage of them are animal rights activists/supporters here and internationally.  They don’t purchase our products simply because of the BWC stamp, but because they know us and trust our assurances that we will never break our long standing policy of No Testing/No animal ingredients which would be contrary to our ethic on animal rights.

I trust that this explains our reasons to your satisfaction.

Kind regards


Mrs Lindsay Salthouse”


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  3. Thanks for interesting blogs. Please advise where I can buy V & G? Simply Natural at Canal walk’s health shop has a very limited range. They are more than happy to order for me, but I would like to see more variety on their shelves for Christmas.
    Thanking you.


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