MyMunchkin Christmas Gift List and {{Giveaway Closed}}

I absolutely love this online store! They have the most amazing educational toys for toddlers and babies as well as essential items. Their product range includes nappy bags, books, children’s cutlery and crockery, nursing covers, baby soothers, soft toys, nursery accessories and so much more – click here to see all their current items for sale.

They have a selection of great international brands, including Hooter Hider, JellycatLilly n Jack, Chewbeads and Tyrrell KatzClick here to see all brands on offer.

I have a newborn baby boy and a 4-year old girl to do some Christmas shopping for, here are my favourite items from their store – in no particular order:

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt @ R250.00 – Give your little adventurer the satisfaction of play with purpose in this magical exploration – a traditional game – a scavenger hunt – with some hidden learning built-in.


2. Grey with Blue Snuggle Bunny & Blankie combo @ R265.00 (they are currently running a special ofR185.00. Stock is limited so order fast!!!) – These are super soft and super cute!


3. Wardrobe Divider Sets @ R345.00 – The OCD freak in me just had organisasm (yes, I made that word up). A gorgeous set of 7 wooden wardrobe dividers for your little one’s hanging cupboard. The set comes with the following dividers, all in the blue owl theme, and you can choose between a white or beige background on the actual hangers once you have placed your order. (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 24+ months)


4. Department of Missing Socks Board @ R210.00 – One of life’s biggest mysteries….where do missing socks go? They have created a board for you to hang in your laundry that will hold onto all of the random socks that are missing their partners. A fun way to keep track of the socks that you need to be on the lookout for!


5. Scissor Skills Activity Pad @ R90.00 – Teach your toddler how to cut with this fun activity pad. The set comes with a pair of scissors and loads of different pages to cut up. And the task becomes more challenging as the pages go on…


6. Cherry Barock Polished Amber Necklace @ R170.00 – They have many different ones to choose from and to be honest I am not entirely convinced yet, but so many moms are swearing by it that it is definitely worth giving a try!


7. Blue & Grey Stars Dribble Bib & Dummy Clip Combo @ R120.00 – A beautiful 100% cotton dribble bib that will keep your baby looking trendy whilst making sure that his/her clothes stay dry and dribble free. These fun bibs & clips are made in Cape Town which is an added bonus! Purchase the matching dummy clip and dribble bib and save. The Aqua Chevron Dribble Bib @ R70.00 is just as gorgeous!

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8. Milestone MINI Cards @ R210.00 – Add a card to your photos and always remember the funny little things your children say. This set includes 100 blank cards to write down each special quote and the age your child was when he/she said it. A truly unique gift that gives meaning to your proud moments captured on camera. I absolutely love these and have been using them with Mikayla – thank you MyMunckin for sending me this!



1662161_899690380043548_4903922133708547301_n 1974980_906547402691179_2017387977692763518_n 10689618_898596916819561_39093453356872330_n

9. Geometric Stacker @ R250.00 – This is a wonderful toy to practise problem solving ability, fine motor skills and pattern recognition.


10. Latches Board @ R350.00 – Open the latches to gain access to the doors that reveal fun pictures inside. Practise counting, problem solving and fine motor skills with this fun game!


11. Money Monsters Bank @ R140.00 – Two ceramic monster buddies that your little one can decorate in his own special way with wiggly eyes, paint and fur. One monster holds money notes and the other holds coins.


12. Bath Sprudels @ R55.00 – Triple Treats! Bath Sprudels create more fun at bath time! The Sprudel fizzes, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance into the air as it colours the bath water. Hidden inside the Sprudel is a Magical Bean, which soon becomes a cute Bean character. And mums…they won’t stain your bath! (nor your children)


13. See and Spell Activity Board @ R250.00 – For ages 4 and up. Help your little one practise word recognition and spelling with this fun wooden game. There are 8 double sided boards with different words on them and 50 wooden letters in the side compartment. Find the right letter and fit it into the right place.


14. Bead String Zoo Set @ R250.00 – A gorgeous 38 piece jumbo bead set that is bright and educational! Toddlers can practice hand/eye co-ordination whilst stringing the beads and jungle friends.


15. Basic Skills Board @ R285.00 – his clever board teaches your toddler some of the basic skills that he/she will need to learn as well as helps to refine fine motor skills. There are 5 removable pieces, each with a different basic skill.


16. My Baby Book 1st Five Year Diary @ R100.00 – A beautiful hardcover book for storing all the memories from baby’s first five years.

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17. Make and Do Craft Book @ R90.00 – An activity book for children aged 5 and over that features 30 creative ideas using everyday and easy to find objects. The base of this book folds out, enabling the book to stand on its own while your toddler is busy with an activity.


18. Feed the Woozle Game @ R200.00 – Feed the big mouthed woozle 12 snacks before all of the snacks are gone! 2-5 players, ages 3-6.


19. Blue Nanny Notebook @ R300.00 – A wonderful way to keep track of baby’s activity while you are away. The Nanny Notebook allows baby’s carer to record nap times, feed times & amounts, nappies, telephone messages, a shopping list and notes. There is a page for every day (refills can be ordered when pages run out) and there are also sections for Emergency Contacts, Routines and CPR/Choking Rescue. A great resource for working moms!


20. Maxi Cuddle Nest @ R710.00 – Maxi the mouse will provide hours of entertainment for your little one. This cuddle nest has sides that drop and turn it into a playmat. Maxi’s head also doubles up as a pillow that can be removed and his arms provide side support. The plush material also makes for very comfortable play or sleep.


21. Yellow Firetruck Pocket Raincoat 6-12months or Pink Butterfly Pocket Raincoat 6-12months @ R120.00 – Water resistant, lightweight raincoat that folds into its pocket and has a carrying strap – perfect for rainy weather (a total necessity here in Cape Town!).

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22. Music Mate Bonny Bunny @ R255.00 – Bonny is a 18cm x 20cm musical pull toy that will play the beautiful ‘Brahms Lullaby’ to your little one. Hang her anywhere with the cotton velcro strap that can attach around a car seat handle, to a cot or even on a pram.



MyMunchkin was kind enough to give me a pack of their awesome Milestone Baby Cards to give away to a lucky reader. I have been using them with Knox and they are awesome!

hdr.milestone-baby-cards 10801516_910103459002240_7943171835909330349_n

1_3.milestonecards_mbc_slept_eng_rgb_800px 1_5.milestonecards_mbc_4m_eng_rgb_800px

Click here to be directed to the Facebook Competition. Winner to be selected on 10 January 2015.


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