{Product Review} Babiators Sunglasses – For All The Cool Kids!

My kids got spoiled with the coolest sunglasses from Babiators… They are so cute – too much to handle! I absolutely love these as they are super durable, my daughter is quite an adventurer and even she has not been able to break them. Their top quality lenses are impact and shatter-resistant to handle even the most rugged adventures. Even if they do end up breaking, every product is guaranteed against loss or breakage. Now that’s a good deal.

Mikayla was spoiled with a purple pair (her favourite colour) and Knox got a yellow pair. I did not think that Knox would like having them on his face very much, but he was so chilled and looked so freakin’ adorable! I like the fact that they sit comfortably on their faces and that they don’t slip off easily. Every pair of Babiators provides 100% UVA and UVB protection to keep your child’s eyes safe. .  They come in a wide variety of styles, colours and patterns – hard to pick just one pair!

{Product Review + 20% Discount} Babiators - For All The Cool Kids! Purple durable kids sunglasses

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Things That Makes Me Want To Punch People In The Throat

Alright, I am going to have a little rant – because I need to and this is my blog and I can cry if I want to. (you have been warned)

I’ve reached a point in my life where my brain went from “you probably should’nt say that” to “what the hell, let’s see what happens“. The throat punch, a concept somehow distinct from a punch to the throat, was defined by Urban Dictionary in 2004 as a “rapid, unexpected knucklethrust into larynx of a douchebag who is pissing you off”.   So… here is a list of things that recently made me want to punch someone in the throat. Continue reading

Guest Post: 99 Reasons Why My 4-Year Old Is Freaking Out…. {by The Mom Diaries}

If you have a 4-year old, you would totally be able to relate to this post. It is hilarious! Leigh blogs over at The Mom Diaries and I just love her writing style. It’s quite odd, we seem to move in the same circles, but I’ve only met her once (very briefly, and I was about 4 months pregnant and could barely remember where I live – because Pregnancy Brain).

“We are all on this exciting and unpredictable journey called motherhood. We are all strong and capable. Not perfect. Not invincible. But we ARE heroes. We, my friends are mothers.” -Leigh Continue reading

Guest Post: 10 Things I’ve Learned from Parenthood… {by Mother In The Making Naturally}

I absolutely love this article from Elsabe who blogs over at Mother In The Making Naturally… It is like she read my mind. We seem to have a lot in common! Except she is way more hardcore – she is raising adorable twin boys, Pieter and Hanlé (I take my hat off to all moms of multiples), and she is living my dream – living in an Equestrian Estate with lots of horses, bunnies, geese, squirrels, guinea fowl, owls, two jackal buzzards and a porcupine! (Can I come visit and never leave?)

“I am bit of a strange one as I don’t see myself in one particular movement of Parenting. I seem to take what I think best from parenting styles (and life in general) and make it my own.”


You can read more about Elsabe here, make sure to follow her blog – she has such a wonderful outlook on life.


10 Things I’ve Learned from Parenthood…

Never in my life have I learned so much as now… Since I became a parent, my world has been shaken, rocked and stirred… sometimes all at once, so instead of crying like the baby I sometimes can be, I choose to learn from my experiences and share what I learned, so here goes. Continue reading

A Real-Life Love Story…

Today I am going to tell you a real-life love story – this amazing story belongs to Calvin (Cole’s uncle) and Didge, his beautiful wife. These two people hold a very special place in my heart – not only because they are family, but because they are amazing human beings with so much love and compassion for others. They truly deserve all the happiness in the world, and this just goes to prove… good things happen to good people.


Calvin and Didge met in 1966 when they were just 15-years old in Rhodesia through a mutual friend. They saw each other during the school holidays despite the fact that Didge lived all the way out in the country in Mazoe and Calvin in Salisbury. Calvin would ride out with his friend, Jack, on a motorbike to see Didge and watch their friends bands play. (Keep in mind, this was before cellphones!)

Didge left school a couple of years later and moved to Salisbury having found work in the city and was staying in a youth hostel. She walked to work every day, little did she know that Calvin lived just down the road from her in Rhodes Avenue. One morning they bumped into each other on the corner, they happened to be going in the same direction on their way to work. This became a regular thing and as they had always fancied each other and had been friends, Calvin mustered up the courage to ask Didge out soon after. From there on they were inseparable, but of course the inevitable happened and Calvin had to leave to do a long stint in the army. Calvin was conscripted into the army at Bulawayo, Llewellyn Barracks. It was compulsory for all guys to join the army back then. He was away for 18 months and Didge would travel to see him from Salisbury whenever she had a break. Once Calvin finished his initial training, he was posted out to the Bush and mostly did his time in the Kariba area where Didge would drive out to see him.

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{Product Review} Pure Beginnings {Giveaway Closed}

Let me start by saying… I LOVE Pure Beginnings Products.

Before they sent me these lovely products to review, I have already fallen in love with their Natural Insect Repellant (saved little Knox’s life while we were in Upington), their Fluoride Free Fresh Mint Toothpaste for adults, the kiddie Berry Toothpaste and their Soothing Baby Lotion. It all started with my little girl, Mikayla, who struggles with mild eczema and sensitive skin. I started researching all the products we use in every day life and the realization of how much chemicals and harmful ingredients I was unknowingly putting my family in contact with made my stomach turn. That also led to my realization of how many of our every day household and beauty products were being tested on live animals (you can read my article on animal testing here). Needless to say, we needed a whole lifestyle change, and that is where I discovered Pure Beginnings amongst many other amazing, natural South African Brands. Since then, Mikayla’s eczema has not flared up once – she gets an itchy skin every now and then after swimming or going to the beach, but then we put on some natural body lotion and off she goes. The difference this lifestyle change has made is astounding.

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