Mikayla’s “Magical Rainbow” Party {+Free Printables} ++ Please Note: This Post Is Picture Heavy++

I LOVE birthdays, I go all Momzilla when it is time to plan one and to be honest – I always go a little bit overboard. This year I opted for something simpler seeing as I had a newborn baby and not a lot of time or energy. I needed a theme that would still look amazing, but would be super easy to do… and voila! A “Magical Rainbow” party for my beautiful, happy little girl’s 4th birthday (4th!!!!!!). The venue was absolutely perfect, and I can’t rave enough about Catherine who entertained the kiddos and made the party super special and the cake, as always, was divine. So, here’s what we did…

Let’s start at the party packs – I bought these colourful D.I.Yparty boxes at Merrypak and printed out some labels to stick on. I am going to be very honest – I can’t remember exactly what I put in these things (party boxes aren’t exactly the most exciting part for me), but here is a wonderful guide from Cindy about what to pack in your party boxes!


Free printable label for party box…

Mikayla's Click here for a rainbow maze printable to put inside the party pack –mrppz07-rainbow

All kids love marshmallows and this is a very affordable snack to make – I took marshmallows and dipped the top in melted chocolate – Mikayla decorated it with some rainbow mini Astros (or as she calls it, Nostrills – dont ask).


As a healthy snack I made some rainbow fruit platters – Watermelon for the red, Melon (spanspek) for the orange, pineapple for the yellow, green grapes for the green and black – yes black – grapes for the blue.


I got each kid a rainbow lollipop – these things are the devil- from Checkers and some colourful fruit sweeties from Woolworths that I placed in a jar.

Mikayla's Mikayla's

I also made some confetti cupcakes at the last minute – I was freaking out that there might not be enough snacks as I was expecting 14 kids (only 7 showed up – frustrating much?). I used different colour cupcake papers and colourful sugar sprinkles as decoration. You can use my vanilla sponge cake recipe for this and just add colourful confetti sprinkles to the batter!



My favourite part was the jar of Smarties – first of all, because I love Smarties, and secondly – I have a bit of a colour OCD and it was soooo much fun to sort them into their different colour layers! Unfortunately I do not have a photo of my amazing Smartie jar creation 😦

The cake was done by my go to cake person, Freya – her cakes are THE BEST, they always taste amazing and she has never let me down. I thought that would be the best call after my Castle Cake fiasco. I asked her to make a six layer, diary-free rainbow cake with white butter icing. I made the bunting myself and stuck it in with two paper straws (they seem to be all the rage right now) – and what is a birthday cake without a massive number candle? This poor cake had its’ fair share of bad luck – Mikayla stuck her fingers in the icing just before the party and tried to cover it up and then I left it in the sun on the table and the whole side of the thing melted… Note to self: Do not leave a butter icing cake in the sun. Ever.



Mikayla's I got some colourful paper plates, paper cups, serviettes and paper straws from Merrypak to finish off the “Rainbow” look… it all came together wonderfully!



I did not want to have the party at our house this year – it is always so exhausting and way too messy so we decided to do it at Lister’s Tea Room in Tokai Forest instead. It was so easy going and a perfect setting for the kids. You pay per child (that actually shows up) and they will provide juice, coffee and tea at a extra (reasonable) cost. It is also wise to hire two baboon monitors to keep any uninvited furry guests from crashing your party!

Because I had my 6 week old baby Knox to attend to and we couldn’t exactly set up a jumping castle in the forest, I asked Catherine to handle the entertainment for me. She came recommended by one of Mikayla’s friends mommies and I am so glad we used her. She was wonderful with the kids and charged a very reasonable fee for entertaining a bunch of toddlers hyped up on sugar for 2+ hours! She offers different packages, but we went for the fairy package. She dressed up like a fairy and upon arrival the kids had their faces painted – the girls got their nails painted as well! They then went on to do an awesome treasure hunt in the forest (Mikayla chose these squishy, spikey, light up worm things as treasures and the kids loved them). From there she on she asked them to make a wish to the fairies under the tree and took them for a walk to see where the fairies lived and read them a story – while they were gone the staff at Lister’s planted lollipops under the tree they made a wish at. I wish I captured the look on their faces when they saw what the fairies left them! The last part of the entertainment was a game called Pass The Parcel – they absolutely loved it! If you would like to book Catherine for your party you can email her at dglcat002@myuct.ac.za.

All photo’s were taken by Nadia Coetzee Photography – she is amazing and happens to be my sister. I must say, she did a great job given the terrible light she had to deal with. (Also note, I somehow managed to mess the colour up on the photo’s when adding the text – sorry Nadia)



Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's Mikayla's The kids loved it so much, everything was perfect and this was probably the most stress free party I have ever thrown. Thank you to everyone who made it special.


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