A Photo An Hour – Photo Challenge

So yesterday I did a little Instagram challenge – #APhotoAnHour.
It was really fun, I love using Instagram and I enjoyed documenting my day.

A Photo An Hour - Photo Challenge
It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Remembering to take the photo every hour was the first challenge and the other: what the hell should I take a picture of? It really made me focus on the details surrounding me.

Want to play? Here are the rules:
1. From 10am – 10pm you must post a photo every hour on the hour.
2. You have to take a photo at that exact time – you are not allowed to use an old photo.
3. In the description, use the hashtag #APhotoAnHour along with the time so that other players can easily find your photo.
4. Tag @CaffeineandFairydust – I would love to see your photos!
5. Invite your friends to join!


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