Bronx Woman Celebrates 10 Years Of Fashion Fabulousness & I Nearly Had A Panic Attack

I was invited to attend the Bronx Woman A/W15 collection launch and I am so glad I accepted. Not only did I find a pair of boots with my name on it, I also ran into a couple of my fellow blogging comrades and was forced out of my comfort zone…

A couple of minutes before the launch my date cancelled… I know, it is not really very significant, but I do not like it when my carefully thought out plans get changed! I am a little bit OCD… needless to say, I sat in my car for 10 minutes trying not to have a panic attack and psych myself up enough to enter the building all by my lonesome. I went up the stairs and was met by the lovely Lee-Ann from Girl About Town PR, and I was offered wine – that helped.

The room started filling up and I finally saw some familiar faces, including Heather from Acidice Blog – the things that gorgeous woman can do with a bottle of nail polish… you have to go have a look at her blog!

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{Interview} Catherine Grenfell Chats To Us About Being A Mom With Tattoos, Her Kids, And A Whole Bunch Of Other Stuff

Catherine Grenfell has always been one of my girl crushes. The day Catherine started following my blog and left a comment (back when I posted my story About Being A Mom With Tattoos) I nearly pee’d my pants. I know I am pretty awesome (I mean, come on..) but she is just next level. For those of you who do not know, Catherine is a tattooed mom of three gorgeous kids and forms part of the Fresh team, Mondays to Fridays 5-8AM, as the executive producer on 5fm.

I admire any woman who can juggle a successful career, healthy lifestyle and family life. Catherine carries herself with so much grace – and she makes traffic bearable in the morning! It is safe to say that I want to be like her when I grow up… if I ever decide to grow up that is.

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{For The Dads} Some Things Change… {by Cole}

Since becoming a father my Friday nights consist of an argument about eating supper before ice-cream, watching My Little Pony and then the bathroom battle – where my daughter refuses to get into the bath and then, once bathed, refuses to get out. Gone are the days (or nights) where my buddies and I used to drink a bottle of brandy and a case of beers before heading out to the club (Gandalf’s) at 10 or 11 pm. There were no rules or time limits or things that had to be done, it was just me, all the time. Sometimes I look back and think: “Wouldn’t it be cool to still be able to do that…” And then I realize that no… no it wouldn’t.  Continue reading

{Guest Post} Teaching Kids About Money and Finances {by Edna Thomson}

When it comes to establishing habits in our children,it often happens to be a real challenge. Especially when money is involved, things become even more complicated due to the fact that children usually have other concept for the finances. This has its simple explanation – kids, unlike adults do not have to think of paying all the bills or distributing the monthly budget in the proper way.

Teaching kids about money and finance can be easy as long as you know the right approaches and possess the patience and the time to devote on this activity. There are methods and ways in which you, as a parent, could explain some money-saving strategies without bothering your kids with unnecessary facts and statistics. It will be useful for them to know how to operate with their savings in an excellent way as well as how to know the importance of being practical when it comes to family budget.

This article will give you some valuable tips how to make your kids realize the importance of the distribution of finances and money.

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Croshka Designs – Gorgeous Local Crochet Goods {Supporting Our Momtrepreneurs}

Last week we got such a lovely suprise delivery…Elena from Croshka Designs sent Mikayla the most gorgeous crochet beanie and little Knox got spoiled with a crochet pair of shoes. The quality is out of this world – thank you so much Elena.

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{Restaurant Review} Sundowners And Dinner At Cafe Caprice In Camps Bay, Cape Town

Last week we decided to head over to Cafe Caprice for some sundowners and dinner. Our summer days here in Cape Town are numbered and we wanted to enjoy it while we can and bask in the sun, soaking up the energy of our beautiful city. Also, we needed a break from the kids… If I have to sing The Hotdog Song one more time…

Cafe Caprice Restaurant Review - Caffeine and Fairydust  Taryn and Maz

First of all – the location does not get better than this. Whether it is for the artisan cocktails in the summer months or for the great winter burger special, Café Caprice never disappoints.  Situated on the world famous Camps Bay Strip, Caprice has been around since 1999 and still enjoys a faithful following from locals and international visitors alike.

We sat at our table watching the sun set across the ocean, palm trees against a blood orange sky,  surrounded by beautiful people and good vibes. Continue reading