Some Random Facts About Me 

I am a Fashion Designer.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

I will definitely, without a doubt survive a zombie apocalypse.

I have a fear of birds – pigeons specifically (Ornithophobia).

Some Random Facts About Me 

I wear red/bold lipstick to boost my confidence.

I am actually very shy, but force myself to push through it and not let it show.

I have bipolar disorder, and have been keeping it under control for the past 3 years without medication.

I grew up on a farm.

My dream is to one day own a huge farm where I can keep all the animals that need love and shelter.

I am a cat person.

Some Random Facts About Me 

I don’t trust people who smile too much.

If I didn’t study fashion, I would have studied law.

I love reading books, but will never read e-books – it’s just not the same.

I refuse to use or promote any products that are tested on animals.

I love the fact that our children see past the colour of each others’ skin – they don’t even notice it… It gives me hope for our future.

I love music, and can actually sing really well (wow that sounds vain).

I have a metal bolt running down the length of my ankle.

Ankle surgery was more painful than labour, and much more painful than my c-section.

Both my kids were born via emergency c-section.

My mother is my best friend and biggest inspiration.

I like being alone.

I kissed my husband for the first time outside a club called Mercury and nearly got arrested.

I had my first baby when I was 21 years old.

I got married at 22 years old.

Some Random Facts About Me 

I want to be classy like Meryl Streep when I grow up.

I have terrible insomnia.

I really love hot chocolate.

I love lemons more than hot chocolate.

I can cook really well.

Baking irritates me.

I love watching Barbie movies with my daughter.

I have an irrational  fear of wasting an amazing outfit on a insignificant day.

The hardest thing I ever went through was losing my grandfather.

I am scared of dying or losing my kids in any way.

I get really excited every time someone comments on my blog posts!

I want my mothers’ creativity, my Dad’s wisdom, my sister Nadia’s boobs, my sister Lizbe’s intelligence, my sister Wilme’s hair, my MIL’s kindness, my FIL’s patience, my husband’s humour, my daughters’ energy and my son’s innocence.

I wish I could have a pet tiger.

I hate racism – every time it gets brought up I want to hulk out.

I hate exercise, but love going to the gym. I know, it makes so much sense.

Champagne makes me happy.

Me-time consists out of having a Himalayan Pink Crystal bath with candles.

Pasta is my downfall.

I have a list of 130 Things I want To Teach My Kids Before They Grow Up.

My favourite flowers are Peonies.

I have 13 Tattoos.

I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke, even though I used to be a smoker.

My favourite colour is black, even though it is not technically a colour.

My favourite band is Billy Talent.

My favourite books are the Harry Potter series.

My favourite movie is Sweeney Todd.

I am OCD.

I hate reading manuals… I hardly ever do it.

I am petrified of needles.

I never, ever shoe my legs. Ever.

I am obsessed with Disney Princesses.

I married my best friend.

Some Random Facts About Me 

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9 thoughts on “Some Random Facts About Me 

  1. I am afraid of birds too! My grandfather was my rock and watching him waste away from cancer was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Champagne is the bomb! You look absolutely amazing with the bright pop of colour on your lips. It really makes you stand out in the best possible way. It was great learning more about you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Totally agree about books vs e- books! Im also OCD. Also a tatooed mommy. Funny the hardest thing for me was losing my mom this Jan and she was scared of pigeons (crazy scared). Lately ive also had terrible insomnia which I hope wont last Lovely post Really enjoyed it

    Liked by 1 person

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