Why I Do Not Give Parenting Advice

I am busy running a competition on my Facebook page where one of the steps is to tell me how you think I can improve my blog. I am loving the feedback, there really are some brilliant opinions there. I am so lucky to have such open-minded, involved, wonderful readers… from the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Many of you have asked me to give parenting advice on certain topics… well, here’s the deal: I get parenting wrong every single day. I get irritated with Mikayla easily, I don’t have enough patience, sometimes I am too tired to read her a bedtime story, I sometimes confuse childishness for rebellion and punish it instead of embracing it, I can’t get Mikayla to eat her food, I failed at breastfeeding my son, I spoil them, I probably let them watch TV way too much… the list goes on. I’ve only been a mom for 4-years.

I get it right occasionally, too. So do my kids. There are good moments – lots of them.

However, I do not think that gives me authority to give parenting advice. My parenting choices are still largely untested and unproven. Our children aren’t even teens yet. It will be ten to twenty years before we see what kind of adults they grow into.

I truly believe that every single child is different and unique. I am not qualified to provide you with expert parenting advice, however – I do love sharing my stories, experiences and giving my personal (non-professional) opinion – like when Mikayla had her Tonsils removed, or when I struggled to bond with my newborn, or even when my toddler started developing self-image issues. I hope that when you read my posts that you can take something from it – whether it is a new perspective, some inspiration or even just the feeling that you are not alone.

Only you know your child. Who am I to listen to a few sentences about a situation and speak into it with any real wisdom without knowing your child the way you do? I can help you think through it by asking questions, but ultimately, all a parent can do is the best they can at any given moment. And the best we can do to help another parent is encourage them to keep doing their best.

I cannot write about something I do not have first hand experience in – I do acknowledge that some of my readers are single parents, going through divorce, have teenagers, etc. and if you want to tell your story – please send it to me. You do not have to be a blogger in order to be featured on my blog. Share your unique experience with us. in the meantime – I will stay on the lookout for guest bloggers or even maybe real experts that can shed some light on these topics that are unfamiliar to me.

You can also read about how product reviews on my blog work here.

Thank you so much for all your feedback, love and support.

Lots of love,


Caffeine and Fairydust Kiss

11 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Give Parenting Advice

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  2. Loved reading this! I had my little girl when I was young- all my friends were stil partying and “carefree”, I had NO idea what I was doing when I became a mum! Ha ha but now she’s almost 8 and she has 2 younger brothers…. Every day is hard and filled with unexpected challenges- sometimes reading all these facebook posts of these “picture perfect” families freaks me out! I’m always like “what’s wrong with me?! How can they be getting it so right and I’m failing dismally!” Instead of reading my kids a bedtime story all snuggled up together I’m screaming for them to brush their teeth and go to bed because it’s already past their bedtime! Trying to tuck them in whilst tripping over a stray dinasour or monster truck!
    It took me a long time but now I know- it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to feel like you’ve been defeated (by a little human in diapers), it’s ok to leave your kids screaming and walk out the door…. Breathe count to 10 and then come back… I think we spend so much time trying to be perfect mothers that we don’t realist that by not looking after ourselves and putting “us” first once in a while, we can’t be the best mum we can be…


    • Oh sweety, non of these moms are perfect… They all struggle with the same things, they just don’t let the world in on their dirty little secrets. You are doing a great job – well done. I also had my first baba very young – i was 21. Thank you for your beautifully honest comment.


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