{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products {Giveaway Closed}

I’ve spent the past year slowly changing over to eco-friendly and natural products for quite a number of reasons, most importantly to take a stance against animal testing and to try limit the amount of unhealthy chemicals I expose my family to on a daily basis.

Better Earth sent me some household cleaning products to try out – the one thing that is always a concern with eco-friendly or natural cleaning products is do they actually work?? Well… welcome to my dirty chaotic house.

Let’s start off with the dishwashing liquidLet it be known that there are few things in this world that I loathe more than washing dishes – it is exactly for that reason that I invested in a dishwasher last year. Life still happens and sometimes there aren’t enough dishes to fill up the machine, Knox needs clean bottles and we can’t wait for a cycle to finish or there is load shedding due to Eskom’s incompetence. So anyway, this morning I washed the dishes. We had a good mix of grossness – some sour smelling  bottles from the night’s feeds, glasses, a bowl of crusty pro-nutro, cutlery, coffee cups and a greasy pan my hubby used to fry eggs in for breakfast. I used about two squirts and I love that it made loads of foam. The citrus smell is out of this world heavenly! The dishes came out spotless and it did not require any intense scrubbing. It does not leave a greasy film on your dishes either and the glasses were crystal clear when they dried. Price: R49,90 for 750ml (at Faithful to Nature) – which to me is the only downside.

“Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Decyl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) Oil. Cocamidopropyl betaine Co-surfactant (Helps to make products lather). Approved by Soil Association, Ecocert and BDIH. This ingredient is extracted from coconut oil. It has an excellent safety record and is very well tolerated. It is approved under the Nordic Swan mark scheme that measures the environmental and health impact of cosmetic ingredients.” – Better Earth Website

{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products - Dirty Dishes {Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products washing dishes{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products natural dishwashing liquid

Next I tried the Natural Cleaning Spray. To me this is the most important as I use it everywhere – kitchen counters, stove tops, tables – you name it. In other words, surfaces that my kids play on, eat on, drool on… To me it is very important to use an all-natural product that works properly, so I put it to the test starting with my fabulous vintage stove top. Please excuse me, I am messy when I cook so it looks quite gross (I left the dirt overnight as well)– I sprayed it with the cleaning spray and had absolutely no problem getting the grease and oil off. Love love love this product! I also used it on my marble kitchen counters that were covered in sticky jam, dried pro-nutro and baby formula (don’t judge me, you know how it is) and it cleaned effortlessly. Once again, the smell is to die for, it has a relaxing lavender scent. It can also be used on walls, glass surfaces and even to clean your bathroom. This is a really gentle cleaner so you can pretty much try it on anything!  Price: R55 for 500ml (at Faithful to Nature) – it sounds pricey, but think about all it’s uses. You are cutting out things like Handy Andy, Windolene, kitchen cleaner and degreasers – you are also using such a minuscule anount with each spray.

Ingredients: Water (aqua), acetic acid, biodegradable liquid soap, essential oils (Lavendula officinalis, Thymus vulgaris, Rosmarinus officinalis). – Better Earth Website

{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products dirty oven{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products natural all purpose cleaner

{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products {+ Giveaway}{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products {+ Giveaway}{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products {+ Giveaway}

I also tested the Citrus Floor Cleaner on my tiles. I am blessed with those big smooth marble look tiles that show every single speck of dirt – lucky me. Once again, great product with an amazing smell. It smells like oranges… what could possibly be better than that? I love it because you do not have to use much and it dries without leaving streaks on your floor. Price: R58 for 1litre (from Faithful to Nature).

“Ingredients: Water (aqua), acetic acid, essential oils – (Citrus sinensis, Citrus limonum), biodegradable liquid soap.” – Better Earth Website

{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Productstile cleaner

Last, but not least – I made my husband try the Natural Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner –  hubby has to jump in somewhere, right? It won the Fairlady Consumer Awards in 2011 and for good reason. I really like it as it cleans wonderfully, but also leaves a fresh (non-chemical) sanitized smell. Living in Cape Town our bathrooms often get a damp smell (or is it just me?) and this really gets rid of that. Price: R59,90 for 1litre or R229 for 5litres (from Faithful to Nature).

{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Productsbathroom and loo cleaner

The Better Earth products are free of ethoxylated ingredients, sulphated surfactants, parabens, animal products, colourants and synthetic fragrance. The beauty of the products is that they are kept simple while still being effective!

The Better Earth range is now certified by Beauty Without Cruelty and is also proudly South African!

Visit their website for more info  and like their Facebook page.

You can contact them at:

Contact Details

Tel: +27 (0)72 662 2107
Fax: +27 (0)86 612 6911
email: info@betterearth.co.za

Kwazulu Natal Representative:

Carlene Kidwell +27(0)83 788 7999

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They were also nice enough to sponsor a prize to go to one of my lucky readers. Click here to be redirected to the Facebook competition where you can win a Better Earth hamper containing the Dishwashing Liquid, Natural Cleaning Spray and Air Freshener.

Winner to be announced on the 30th of March 2015.


Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “{Product Review} Better Earth Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products {Giveaway Closed}

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  2. Sounds great!! Hehe and your kitchen messes sound exactly like mine!! So I will accept that the product work! I’ve struggle to find a effective eco friendly cleaning range.

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