{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed}

I first learned about the Lalaba Carry Blankie when I met Claudine at the Mama Magic Expo – it is such a clever little thing and I just knew I had to have one for my little boy (I was still pregnant at the time).

I remember one of the biggest problems I had when Mikayla was a baby was that she would fall asleep in her car seat while we were driving and the moment we would take her out she would wake up… and good luck getting her back to sleep after that. Fast forward four years of brilliant inventions and in steps the Lalaba!

At first I was a little worried about the safety of this product… was it not going to ‘fold my baby in half’? Or what if he slips out? what if the handles break? After very cautiously testing it on my 6kg boy, I am happy to report that as long as you use it right, it is safe as can be.

The padded hooded area keeps your baby’s head and neck in position. The face is always visible and the hood can also be folded backwards. The padded hood of the Blankie prevents your baby from sliding. The left over material at the bottom of your baby’s feet is folded over. The drawstring distributes the weight of the baby equally across the Blankie. It is recommended for babies 0 – 6 months.

The Lalaba blankie is rather a method of blanketing and lifting your baby and is not classified or should be not be used as a sling or carrier.

The Lalaba Lifting Blankie was tested by a SANAS accredited Lab and received a Load Safety Certificate from CME.

So what is so amazing about the Lalaba Carry Blankie?

Sleep is very important for my newborn, especially since he was a month premature. I just hate waking him up when moving him from place to place! If you let baby fall asleep in the lalaba you can simply pick him up and move him from his/her car seat, shopping trolley, stroller, etc.

It is also perfect for moms who had a caesarean section and whose movements are limited for a few weeks after arriving home. The Lalaba makes it easier for mom to lift her baby which helps to alleviate back pain and strenuous pressure on joints. Helping mom maintain a more vertical posture, it assists in the recovering process by eliminating unnecessary movement. Furthermore, most doctors recommend that moms not exert too much tension on the core muscles 4 to 8 weeks after birth. As your bundle of joy puts on more weight, it is only natural that you will also be adding more strain to your back, wrists and joints. The Lalaba is tested for babies up to six months, helping parents with lifting a growing baby.

It has a convenient little pocket on the side where you can keep baby’s dummy.

{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie dummy holder

Convenient pocket for baby’s dummy

It also serves as a cosy cover while breastfeeding. While your baby is secure in your arms simply take the outside end of the Lalaba and place it over your shoulder.

I absolutely love this product, and it comes in the most adorable and trendy prints!

You can buy yours online – click here to be redirected to the online shop. Price range: R400 – R550 (they are currently having an end of Summer sale – R100 off!!)

{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed}{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed} yawning baby{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed} baby in lalaba carry blankie

{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed}{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed}{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed}

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You can also enter our Giveaway where you can win a Blue Chevron with Orange Sheep Lalaba Carry Blankie. Just follow this link to be redirected to my Facebook page to enter.

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9 thoughts on “{Product Review} Lalaba Carry Blankie {Giveaway Closed}

  1. I would totally love one for my son that will be born in two days. I think this is one awesome design. Perfect. I will definitely buy myself one, I think it’s a great investment and best of all when I’m done with it I can pass it on to another family member. Awesome!!! Thank you 💙💙

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  2. Crap – can I have another baby, just so I can use one of these? This is so freakin cool. Axl is only a year, but been following all the cool products that you’ve been using with Knox and I am like – why on earth didn’t they have it out then. It’s crazy how there are so many new and trendy things out, already!

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  3. When my son was a bit younger, I had this brainwave idea of a blanket that you could use to lift and move small babies while they are sleeping without disturbing them (since you always have that hand stuck underneath them when you put them down). Little did I know that someone else had already come up with this idea. Brilliant!

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