{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Why I Changed My Lifestyle

About a year ago I started researching Animal Testing and I was appalled at what I found, one thing led to another and as a family we decided to ban Animal Tested products from our home. That is why I do not promote animal tested products on my blog, in case you were wondering.

Mikayla suffered from severe eczema along with other allergies and after trying every lotion and potion on the market I started digging into the ingredients that went into our everyday shampoos, bath products cleaning products and food… It is true what they say – ignorance is bliss. I was shocked… something in my gut told me that we needed to make a change. We do not have loads of money at our disposal and I was worried that it would be too expensive, but to my surprise it really wasn’t.  It took trial and error to find the products that really worked for us, but it was so worth it. Mikayla’s eczema has been non-existent, my skin and hair has never looked better, my conscious is at ease and as a family we are healthier. There are so many reasons to go green and it truly is easier than you think…

1. Do It For Your Kids.

While many environmental problems are already here and are already significant, we all know that it’s the kids who will ultimately suffer the worst. Did you know that childhood asthma has increased by 60% since 1980 and now affects 10 million children under the age of 16? My daughter is one of them. Going green is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your kids for their future.

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time - Why I Changed My Lifestyle

2. Do It For The Environment

Want to make the world a better place? Implementing green practices into your home or office can help reduce waste, conserve natural resources, improve both air and water quality, and protect ecosystems and biodiversity. The benefits of this is endless.

3. Do It For Beauty

Your skin (the body’s largest organ) absorbs up to 6% of the products you put on it every day, from soaps to shampoos to lotions and sunscreens. Considering that most of us use about 10 different products daily, that can really add up. Choosing green personal care products often means using plant-based ingredients in place of petrochemicals, preventing these chemicals from being absorbed into your skin. Some of these harmful chemicals cause serious health problems in the long run, and do more damage than good.

4. Save Money

Some green actions like installing solar panels and purchasing electric cars are pretty expensive for most people, but many others save money or pay for themselves nicely with time. Green systems and materials reduce energy consumption, which in turn reduce your electricity bills. They also increase asset value and profits and decrease marketing time; making your earth moneys go further for longer. Also, its a way to stick it to Eskom.

Caffeine and Fairydust Zuma Eskom

5. Water Is Not A Renewable Resource

Clean water is perhaps the planet’s most precious resource, and, with the increasing effects of global climate change our ability to have enough high-quality H20 on hand is likely to change in the near future. Being water conscious helps reduce strain on municipal treatment systems and ensures there’s enough to go around. Water is the basis of life. When it is used as an uncontrolled sewer, everyone pays the price. Many methods of going green focus on using less water, releasing fewer pollutants into water and protecting streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.

6. Greener Goods Are More Humane

Just as its required materials and energy, all “stuff” requires another common resource: the human kind. If you opt for green and ethical goods, you are often supporting local and global craftsmen and communities. Supporting “Fair Trade” products and fair labor practices ensures that goods – from food to cleaning products-  were not born in a sweatshop. It is also less likely that these products were tested on animals.

7. Clean Air

Reduced use of cars, manufacturing and home heating all help to reduce particulates and pollutants in the air. Clean air is more pleasant to breathe and is also a necessity for the good health of both humans and animals.

8. To Teach Our Kids Compassion And Respect for all living things.

I will be using the next couple of weeks to do a step by step guide for Going Green On A Budget – I will share with you what I have learned, the products that work for my family and how to save money doing so. I will share what we use in our home on a daily basis, the pros and cons and answer whatever questions you may have. The series will be broken down into the following segments:

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 1: Household Cleaning

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 2: Insect Repellents and Bug Sprays

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 3: Bath Products/ Toiletries

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 4: Kids and Baby Products

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 5: Beauty

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 6: Health & Food

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 6: Activities

{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 7: Household Sustainability/Energy

We are far from perfect and have much change to still implement, but every little bit helps.

7 thoughts on “{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Why I Changed My Lifestyle

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  2. Awesome – stuff
    I salute and commend you –
    Thank you for taking this stand.
    I need to implement this in my home and don’t know where to start –
    Nearly everything seems to be tarnished with testing
    Please show me how I can get started
    Many thanks
    Kind regards

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Keen to read your series. ..and to start implementing the necessary changes.I am so paranoid about my daughter falling prey to asthma,so will do whatever I can to prevent it!

    Liked by 1 person

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