Companies That Do Not Test On Animals

I have compiled a list of some of my favourite companies/products that are not tested on animals. For the link to the full list, as well as where I got my information from, please see the end of the article. Many of these companies have only recently been certified with Beauty Without Cruelty and other organizations, so you won’t always see the bunny on the packaging. This list is not based on PETA’s list, but on the findings of Leaping Bunny and Beauty Without Cruelty. For more info you can read my article on Animal Testing here.


African Extracts Rooibos

Africa Organics

Beautiful Earth


Balm Balm

Bio Oil

Busby Oils

Bee Naturals

Charlotte Rhys

Charlotte Rhys Spa

Down To Earth

Dr. Hauschka

Earth Zen

Eco Products



Good Stuff


Fleur De Vie

Hey Gorgeous

Ju Me

Like Silk

Love My Hair



Nu Eco

Oh Lief

Oh So Heavenly

The One & Only Hotel Spa Range

The Victorian Garden

Pure Beginnings

Rain Africa

Rainbow Bath & Body

Rooibos Aromatics


Soul Naturals

Terre D’Afrique

Tranquil Body Treats

The Tan Lab


Woolworths Cosmetics

Wema Cosmetics cc

Zambia Essential Skincare


Aloe Ferox

Bee Natural

Beautiful Earth

Rain Africa – Rain Baby

Soul Naturals

The Victorian Garden Baby Range

Oh Lief

Oh So Heavenly

Pure Beginnings


Harmless House


Better Earth



Pick ‘n Pay Green Range (household cleaners with the leaf logo).

Woolworths Private Label

Woolworths Cosmetics

*Please note, this post is NOT sponsored by anyone – If any of the products listed are not Cruelty Free and have been listed in error, please contact me and we will remove them or motivate my reasoning* Information obtained from PETA, Beauty Without Cruelty, Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa, Leaping Bunny Program, Vida Compassion, Nuffield Bioethics,

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