{Product Review} Green.Kid Glass Bottles – Eco Friendly And Innovative

Founded in 2010 by parent-team Annelize Geldenhuys, Jackie Lowe and Shannon Lowe, Green.Kid Stainless was created out of the desire to bring a 100% safe solution to the concerning problems posed by using plastic baby bottles to feed our children. Armed with the knowledge of the hidden dangers found in most baby bottles, they set out to find a revolutionary, eco-friendly and modern approach to baby and child feeding gear.

Being very environmentally concious, I have always wondered about glass bottles… Green.Kid sent me their glass baby bottle to review and I must admit – it is much more durable than I thought. I love this product, and ordered myself a couple more.


It is made from specially toughened glass to better withstand bumps and knocks, I tested this theory by ‘dropping’ it on my tile floor – it didn’t break. However, I would be worried with a toddler – when Mikayla still had her naptime bottle of Rooibos she always used to throw (and I mean properly throw) her bottle when she was done… and it usually hit a wall.  Although toughened, this bottle is still breakable and should therefore only be used under adult supervision. Only allow children to hold their own bottle if seated.

Knox was not mad about the slow-flow silicone teat (suitable from birth) that comes with the bottle, only because it is so different to what he is used to (MAM). I had no problem fitting my own teats in and tested both the NUK and MAM teats – they fit perfectly.

The bottle has a wide neck for smooth air flow and colic reduction and is comfortable to hold. It is also not nearly as heavy as I thought it would be. I also really like the fact that it is very effortless to clean this bottle, all parts are Microwave, Dishwasher and Electric sterilizer safe. I also love that because it is glass, it doesn’t absorb the smell of baby formula – I am very sensitive to smell.

Price: R139,99 – Click here to shop online.

{Product Review} Green.Kid Glass Bottles

I also got a GreenKid 100% Silicone Bottle Sleeve – it serves as an extra safety net for your glass bottle, pretty much a drop guard. Glass also gets really hot (especially when it was in a bottle warmer) and this helps little hands to grip and prevents burning.

These silicone sleeves are BPA Free, non toxic and dishwasher safe.

R59,99 – Click here to shop online.


Do you know what else is amazing? Green.Kid is proudly endorsed by Cansa. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the invaluable work done by this foundation.

Click here to see a list of stockists: Retailers, Online Stores and International.


The Pro’s of using glass baby bottles:

• BPA. It’s been found in bottles, food storage containers, sippy cups and toys and it scares the living crap out of me – with glass bottles you do not have to worry as they are BPA free.

• It is made without the use of petroleum and thus means that it is a more eco-friendly choice.

• It is Recyclable.

• Material is non-absorbent when heating and warming.

• Can be boiled, heated and easily sanitized.

The Con’s:

Fear of breaking or shattering when dropped on a hard surface. Never leave your baby unsupervised with a glass bottle!13309573511112670181decorative-lines-2_large-hi

Contact Information:

To visit the website – click here

Click here to Like their Facebook page.

Thank you so much for letting me try this amazing product!

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{Product Review} Green.Kid Glass Bottles


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