{Restaurant Review} Sundowners And Dinner At Cafe Caprice In Camps Bay, Cape Town

Last week we decided to head over to Cafe Caprice for some sundowners and dinner. Our summer days here in Cape Town are numbered and we wanted to enjoy it while we can and bask in the sun, soaking up the energy of our beautiful city. Also, we needed a break from the kids… If I have to sing The Hotdog Song one more time…

Cafe Caprice Restaurant Review - Caffeine and Fairydust  Taryn and Maz

First of all – the location does not get better than this. Whether it is for the artisan cocktails in the summer months or for the great winter burger special, Café Caprice never disappoints.  Situated on the world famous Camps Bay Strip, Caprice has been around since 1999 and still enjoys a faithful following from locals and international visitors alike.

We sat at our table watching the sun set across the ocean, palm trees against a blood orange sky,  surrounded by beautiful people and good vibes.

Cafe Caprice Restaurant Review - Caffeine and Fairydust  Sunset

We started off with some cocktails – I had a Mojito while Taryn ordered  a Martini… I know, not very adventurous of us – especially when you look at their amazing cocktail menu. They were delicious, but came in the same glasses you would get milkshakes in at Spur… That bugged me a little. Well, it bugged me until the waitress placed a gorgeous silver bucket of ice in the middle of our table containing a bottle of ice cold Grey Goose Vodka and mixes – compliments of the owner.

Cafe Caprice Restaurant Review - Caffeine and Fairydust  Cocktails

Cafe Caprice Restaurant Review - Caffeine and Fairydust  Grey Goose Vodka

As the sun set the place got more and more packed and the cafe filled with the sounds of laid back house music from a live DJ, I loved the diverse group of people.

After hours of staring at the amazing menu we ordered our food, and it arrived in all its glory – delicious as hell. We thought we’d be smart and order the Surf Board – (Grilled cajun calamari, fresh mussels and beer battered hake strips with tartar sauce and toasted ciabatta) as well as the Tasting board (grilled rump cubes, chicken spring rolls, fried calamari, chicken thigh espetada and sweet potato wedges served with a selection of dips) to share. So much food… so much happiness. We didn’t even come close to finishing it.

Cafe Caprice Food Review

Photo from the Cafe Caprice website – the lighting is shocking in mine.

What completely stood out was the mussles, grilled cajun calamari and chicken thigh espetada – absolute perfection. The rump cubes were a bit tough and rather tasteless, so I would not recommend you go for the steak.

One thing I loved about Cafe Caprice is that no matter how full the place got, the staff were quick, friendly and efficient. They got every single order right – something we always seem to have bad luck with. The place is well set out, with enough tables and chairs both inside and outside.

I quite enjoyed my little night out.

Tel: 021 438 8315
Admin Tel: 021 438 8321
Email: info@cafecaprice.co.za
Address: 37 Victoria Road, Camps Bay

Open 7 days a week, house DJ playing from Thursday to Sunday.


7 thoughts on “{Restaurant Review} Sundowners And Dinner At Cafe Caprice In Camps Bay, Cape Town

  1. I often drive past and especially on the Sunday, it looks quite full – almost unpleasantly so? Did you find the crowds imposing on you and your personal space at all? It is a gorgeous venue.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Can imagine! I like a vibey place, but one that is too crowded is unpleasant. And big ups to Café Caprice for being so attentive while so busy – that was NOT my experience at Shimmy, so much so that even after just one (bad) visit, I’ve written them off as a never-to-be-repeated venue.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I have no tolerance for bad service, at all. I don’t care if you are busy or if it’s unfair. If you can’t handle it you should not be in the service industry. I really did enjoy my eve. Best is that everyone is o laid back – you don’t need to dress up if you don’t want to.

        Liked by 1 person

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