Naartjie’s Love Foundation Clothing Drive Kicks Off Today! Also… Swooning Over Their New Autumn Range…

As you all know, I am very fond of Naartjie Clothing – I worked for the company for about two years designing their layette ranges and they hold a very special place close to my heart.

I absolutely love the concept of the Love Foundation Clothing Drive – being in the fashion industry I personally buy my kids way too much clothes and at the rate they grow it is a little senseless (not to mention the financial impact!). The Love Foundation Clothing Drive gives you the opportunity to give to those in need, and also gives you a little something in return so you can buy that gorgeous Naartjie item you’ve had your eye on!

How the Love Foundation Clothing Drive works:

For every piece of wearable kids clothing (of any brand) that customers bring into a Naartjie store, they will receive a 5% discount voucher.Customers can add their vouchers together and get up to 25% off their purchase at one time. If customers bring in more than 5 pieces of clothing, their remaining vouchers can be used on their next purchase. The cut-off date to bring clothing in and earn vouchers is the 15th of June and the vouchers expire on the 30th of June this year.

The Goedgedacht Trust runs a rural development centre 87 km north of Cape Town. There, they run a number of programmes designed to positively influence the lives of the inhabitants of the surrounding Swartland and West Coast area. The Path Out of Poverty programme (POP) for rural children and youth is the flagship programme of the Trust. Children can enter the programme from four months old and continue to be part of it until they are 25.  The model is based on four pillars, namely education, health, personal development and care for the planet.

I have experienced the Naartjie Love Foundation first hand, The Naartjie Love Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children from disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa. Their mission is to bring lasting and positive change to these children with the emphasis on their primary needs, including their absolute safety, and on their education and loving care. They hope that the children touched by the Naartjie Love Foundation’s efforts will regain a sense of self-worth and in turn enjoy a brighter future.

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Those vouchers might really come in handy seeing as Naartjie is launching their new Autumn range this Friday!  The range will add light and sparkle (who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle) with a mix of prints and designs that you will love!

The Girls collection is themed Urban Chic and draws its inspiration from colourful modern street art and graffiti. This look follows on from the previous range with exciting combinations of styling, giving it a street look. The boys will love trying out graffiti prints with our Skateboard City theme. The range combines skateboarding elements with an urban, modern look using graffiti-inspired artwork with a fun twist.

Newborn boys gets a  unique hand-drawn graphics to tell a story. For newborn boys, fun wording such as “you make me happy when skies are grey” is combined with images of aeroplanes and bears. With bittersweet red, strong charcoal and navy as the standout colours, very on trend! For newborn girls, phrases such as “I like people who smile when it rains” and “umbrellas are best shared with friends” are combined with pretty cloud designs and glitter prints of umbrellas and sparkly raindrops.

Visit for more info.


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