Easy, Quick Make-up Tutorial And Tips For Tired And Busy Moms With Essence And Catrice

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Header ImageIf you follow my Instagram account, you would have seen that some of my fellow mamas asked me for a make-up tutorial. I am a full time working mom with a toddler and a 4-month old baby – I do not have time to spend hours in front of the mirror doing my make-up! I also hate waking up early, so the more time I can save – the better.

I do however believe that you should always try look your best, because when you look good – you feel good and it has an impact on your confidence. This is the easiest, quickest make-up look. It takes me 10 minutes or less to do in the morning and it looks like you spent hours perfecting it! I am no make-up artist, these tips are in no way professional – just easy little tricks that work for me.

What you will need:

• Foundation to match your skintone

• Concealer, also matching your skintone

• Eyelid primer (optional)

• A nude eyeshadow pallet with a light, medium and dark shade

• eyeliner in dark brown or black

• mascara

• highlighting liquid or powder (you can really also use a light nude eyeshadow with a pearly sheen – that’s what I do anyway)

• Eyebrow filler/pencil

• Bronzer

• A Peachy or Pink Blush

• your favourite nude or light pink lipgloss or lipstick

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Products Used

What I Used: Catrice Matte Mousse Foundation, Catrice All-Round Concealer, Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base, Catrice Made To Stay Eyeliner, Essence How To Make Your Brows Wow Eyebrow Palette, Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette, Essence Sun Club Bronzer in Sunshine, Essence Silky Touch Blush in Summer Dreams, Essence XXXL Lipgloss in Taste The Sweets and Essence Lash Princess Mascara in False Lash Effect

Okay so… Step 1:

Start off with a clean, moisturized face and apply your foundation evenly. Make sure there are no nasty streaks and that you especially blend it in at your neck, nose and hairline.

Step 2: 

Take you concealer and apply to your problem areas that need more than just foundation to cover. I have Rosacea under my nose so I apply some there and also on my chin as I am having a bad skin week. The best trick ever is applying it in triangles under your eyes – this will take your dark circles away and make you look a little less tired and younger! take a blending sponge, or just use your finger and blend it. I use the Catrice All-Round Cover stick and the Catrice Matte Mousse foundation – I love that it stays all day and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It also offers proper coverage, yet still feels light and lets your skin breathe. At this point I also apply my Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadow Base on my eyelids, this is optional and you can even just use foundation. The primer just helps your eyeshadow look freshly applied throughout the day and stops it from going streaky.

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Concealer

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Foundation blendingStep 3:

Take your bronzer and a brush and apply to your face as illustrated below – imagine doing it in a number 3 shape. This will help contour your face, giving depth and making your face look slimmer. Just don’t go overboard, you are not Kim Kardashian. I use the Essence Sun Club 2in1 Bronzing powder in Sunshine.Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms ContouringStep 4:

Next you are going to put on your eyeliner like a normal person and use a big brush to apply your light nude eyeshadow on your entire eyelid. You need to find the perfect Nude shad, you don’t want it looking too white against your skintone, but it must also not be too dark. I personally prefer using one with a slight pearly sheen to it. The Absolute Rose palette from Catrice is amazing and has every colour you will need to complete this look. It is also my favourite eyeshadow palette for this season. I use the Catrice Made To Stay black Khol eyeliner as it is longlasting and the black doesn’t fade away.Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Nude EyeshadowStep 5:

Take your medium eyeshadow shade and apply as per illustrated below…

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Medium Eyeshadow

Step 6:

Take your dark eyeshadow and apply to the crease of your eyelid and blend.

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Dark EyeshadowStep 7:

Use your eyebrow filler and do your eyebrows. Don’t go too dark (unless your hair is black), you don’t want to look unnatural. See the difference? It is without a doubt necessary to fill out your eyebrows! I use the How To Make Your Brows Wow Palette from Essence – it has the perfect shade for every hair colour and gives you an easy to follow step by step guide. It also has a highlighter that you can use in the next step.Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms Eyebrow Difference

Step 8:

Apply your highlighter to the following areas – you can use a proper highlighting product, I just use the highlighting powder that comes with the How To Make Your Brows Wow palette from Essence. You can even use a nude eyeshadow with a pearly sheen (a million make-up artists just died inside).

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms highlightingStep 9: 

Now just apply your blush on your cheekbones (Essence Silky Touch Blush in Summer Dreaming), mascara (Essence Lash Princess, False Lash Effect) and lipgloss (Essence XXXL Nude in Taste The Sweets) and viola! Your done! And please… Remember the golden rule: Dark eye make-up = light lip colour, Light eye-make-up = dark/bold lip colour.Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms End ResultIf you want you can even take it up a step by doing a winged eyeliner! That is always a winner, but takes a little longer if you are not well practiced!

Make-up Tutorial For Tired And Busy Moms with liquid eyeliner

Essence and Catrice cosmetics are cruelty free and very affordable. You can find Catrice products at Dis-Chem stores nationwide and Essence is sold at quite a couple of retailers – I usually buy mine at Clicks.

Did you find this helpful? If you tried out this look – tag me in your Instagram photo! I want to see your gorgeous face!!

For more info you can visit the Essence website here or like them on Facebook. You will find the Catrice website here and you can like them on Facebook here to keep up with the latest news and make-up trends.


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