Restaurant Review – Rock Sushi Thai

I doubt there is anyone on this planet that loves Sushi more than I do… Well, Mikayla (my 4-year old) does and it works out great for me as I always use her as an excuse. She is also a great instigator and my husband can never say no to her! We have become regulars at Rock Sushi Thai in Meadowridge, Cape Town – it is convenient as it literally is just around the corner from our house and the food is so delicious! They also have decent sized portions at reasonable prices and the staff are always friendly and so patient with Mikayla (who insists on ordering her own ‘orange’ sushi and checking up on where it is every 5-minutes).

First of all, they do not have a kids menu. This will only work out well for you if your kids eat sushi or grown-up people Thai food. There is also a small little jungle gym outside the Meadowridge restaurant thanks to Col’ Cacchio for your kids to play on and the milkshakes are divine. Mikayla and I go on milkshake dates all the time after special events (ballet recitals, plays, school reports etc.) and these milkshakes are the real deal… Trust me. They are one of the few places that still use high quality full cream ice cream. There are only three falvours to choose from – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is all you really need in life, to be honest. Okay, enough of the milkshakes (damn I want a milkshake now).


The sushi. Holy tuna… Their sushi is always fresh, served beautifully and they have the most amazing variety – including Snow Rolls, Green Rolls, Straight Jacket Prawns, Maki Roquette’s and the dubiously named Cucumber Screw. They also offer a great day time special as well as a 21 piece ‘sit-down’ special. I have never had bad sushi here and it is always a pleasure to sit at this cozy little restaurant with a glass of wine, enjoying good food. The atmosphere is great, very relaxed and quite trendy.



11200889_990965004249418_5371581062338452316_nThe Thai menu is full of fragrant, fresh and tasty food from the east. The scent of lemongrass, ginger, Thai basil and coriander in the air as the chefs bang their woks while creating curries, stir-fries and noodle dishes. The Angry Duck is a firm favourite, as well as the perfectly balanced Tom Yum Soup and the traditional Phad Thai noodle stirfry.

All they need now is spinach and cream cheese dim-sum, hint hint 😉

Oh… and do yourself a favour and leave space for the Lindt Chocolate Spring Rolls…


My husband’s favourite part is that the have a nice selection of imported and local craft beers. What a hipster.

You can visit their website here.


For bookings:


Shop 10, Park & Shop, Firgrove Way, Meadowridge
t: 021 712 2921


Shop 1, Newlands Quarter, Corner of Dean & Main Streets, Newlands
t: 021 685 9692

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