Weird Search Engine Searches That Have Brought People To My Little Blog…

I had such a laugh the other night, every now and then I look at the search terms that have brought lost souls to my little blog, some of them are just so crazy. Enjoy…

I had a mental block during my exam am so damn angry at myself – yeah you are screwed.

Head banging

My husband is my everything – I am not sure why you would search that, and although I love my husband very much… I wouldn’t exactly say he is my everything. There is so much more to me!

What do when toddler licks sunlight dish washing liquid? Last time I checked I pretty much banned medical advise from my blog, so who knows how this poor person ended up here. That being said, your child will probably be fine, it tastes like shit though.

I promise not to be an asshole when i grow up – good to know, I don’t promise anything.

Boobs are their business – Who’s? I love boobs.

Beauty without cruelty tattoo – That’s a tad extreme…

Tattoo shop cape town looking for a tattoo artist – you ain’t gonna find no work here, son.

Christel Maartens pregnant? I don’t know? Scaaaaandal!


ever after high raven queen gets pregnant with dexter charming’s baby – what a slutbag. And she was so young.

Just got to be taught poem? I is happy about you.

Justify animal testing spending – not a f*%#. You came to the wrong place person.

Baby books with removable pieces – Not advisable.

diy not messy fairy dust – on what planet?

Why are there fat people? I don’t even… what? I know I am a curvy lady, but seriously, Google?


What is mean 3 years down, forever to go? I R don’t know. Long time it lies ahead!

How to nuk asparagus.. It is surprisingly easy.

Sslouchy Pant, You are a slouchy pant!

I am 27 weeks pregnant and pee every five minutes – I feel your pain sister!

What is Fairydust at the Hospital? probably Morphine, that shit is magical.

… And Then I Got Nominated For A Liebster Award

So my day started out pretty crap – not only did I burn myself to an absolute crisp on the beach yesterday and now appear to have sunstroke (cue vomiting, migraine, dizzyness) – I also can not get Knox to have a nap for longer than 10 minutes, have a massive amount of unpacking to do and I realized my maternity leave ends in a little over a month…It pretty much feels like the end of the world. Just as I was about to give up all hope on this godawful day – a ray of sunshine brightened my day and I laughed so hard I nearly pee’d my pants. Continue reading

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