*** CLOSED **** { Review + GIVEAWAY } My 7 Day Super Juice And Soup Detox Diet With Juice Revolution – Why I Did It, My Experience and Results

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I can’t believe it, but I did it! Thanks to the amazing support from Fiona Stander,  founder of Juice Revolution, I have completed my 7 Day Super Juice And Soup Detox Diet. Fiona is a mom herself, and an all-round lovely and supportive person… there is no-one better to have on speed dial as you embark on this journey!

Why I Did It….

I tried a 5-Day Juice Detox from a different company not too long ago and even though I felt great afterwards, I was not very impressed by the results regarding my weight-loss. It was also my first ever attempt so I did not know any better to be honest. Anyway, when Fiona asked me to try out her program I decided to go for it – I had a couple of fashion industry events to attend and I needed to start work in about two weeks… I wanted to look and feel my best.

When I had my first baby I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight within two months after she was born, it really was not that hard…. This time around, I just cannot seem to shed the weight. I had my second baby four months ago, and before you start huffing and puffing – this is not about vanity or body shaming. This is about breaking down in tears every time I need to get dressed and go somewhere because none of my clothes fit, it is about feeling uncomfortable, it is about not being able to recognize my own body. I have always been curvy, and I do love my curves – I have always embraced them… however, I would not describe myself as curvy anymore – I will describe myself as overweight. I felt heavy, I felt tired all the time, my body was an absolute war zone and my skin had gone to hell… I did not feel healthy. I do not think people realize how much pregnancy takes out of you. I picked up 26 kg’s in total while being pregnant with Knox, and before I started the 7 Day Super Juice And Soup Detox Diet I had only lost 4 kg’s post pregnancy. He weighed 2.9 kg’s at birth, then you still need to account for the weight of the placenta and water, etc.- you do the math. I did not actually lose anything.

I wanted more energy, I wanted to save my skin, I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to feel healthy again. I am not completely unrealistic, I know this program won’t make me lose 26 kg’s, but it is a start.

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{Going Green On A Budget} One Baby Step At A Time – Step 1: Household Cleaning

For the first part in my series I will be focusing on household cleaning products. This is where I started as I personally feel that this is where the most damage is done. If you stop to think about it, the chemicals in every day cleaning products are harsh and extremely bad for you – they can be the cause of allergies, skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, or chemical burns, while others are associated with chronic, or long-term, effects such as cancer.

It is important to make use of natural or eco-friendly cleaning products for a number of reasons:

1. Your entire family gets into contact with it every single day – Let’s take a normal scenario in my home. Mikayla often drops food off her plate and onto the kitchen counter, and she will proceed to pop that into her mouth or lick the jam off the kitchen table – because she is a toddler (and I will be honest, I do it too when no-one is watching). Children are particularly vulnerable as their vital organs are still developing, any damage can be long lasting. They are smaller in size than adults and their developing organs are at greater risk of being affected by toxins. They also have a reduced ability to eliminate toxins from their developing bodies. You prepare food on these surfaces, your skin constantly gets into contact with it. These chemicals do not just dissapear – it absorbs into your skin, your food, it is in the air you breathe, its on the dishes you eat out of, the glasses you drink water from, it is in your oven where you cook your family’s meals, it is on the clothes you wear, it is in your bath tub, it is on the tiles you walk barefoot across, it is everywhere. The more you think about it and let the realization set in, the scarier it becomes. We use a wide array of scents, soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, softeners, scourers, polishes, and specialized cleaners for bathrooms, glass, drains, and ovens to keep our homes sparkling and sweet-smelling… but while the chemicals in cleaners foam, bleach, and disinfect to make our dishes, bathtubs and countertops gleaming and germ-free, many also contribute to indoor air pollution, are poisonous if ingested, and can be harmful if inhaled or touched. In fact, some cleaners are among the most toxic products found in the home.

2. When you drain the water you used to wash your dishes in, your washing machine, etc. these chemicals get pumped back into the earth, into the soil. When using natural or eco-friendly products you can use that water on your plants instead of wasting it and it will have no negative effect on the soil it gets pumped into. After bubbly cleaning liquids disappear down our drains, they are treated along with sewage and other waste water at municipal treatment plants, then discharged into nearby waterways. Most ingredients in chemical cleaners break down into harmless substances during treatment or soon afterward. Others, however, do not, threatening water quality or fish and other wildlife as well as plants.

3. Health problems – Ingredients with high acute toxicity include chlorine bleach and ammonia, which produce fumes that are highly irritating to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. These products should not be used by people with asthma or lung and heart problems. Fragrances added to many cleaners (most notably laundry detergents and fabric softeners) may cause acute effects such as respiratory irritation, headaches, sneezing, and watery eyes in sensitive individuals or allergy and asthma sufferers. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has found that one-third of the substances used in the fragrance industry are toxic. Unfortunately, because the chemical formulas of fragrances are considered trade secrets, companies aren’t required to list their ingredients but merely label them as containing “fragrance“.

It does not always work out cheaper, but these companies are still small… There is so much potential.

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{Press Release} World’s Most-Researched Essential Fatty Acid-Based Brand Launches In South Africa

Efamol is highly effective in managing a range of conditions including ADHD, autism and eczema

Our lives have never been so demanding and busy. As kids return to school for the year’s final term, the pressures mount on them to perform academically. Meanwhile, for adults, stress, unhealthy diet, and lack of sleep and exercise take their toll on the body and mind. Physicians are under growing pressure to treat the fallout of these lifestyle challenges, which include inattention, hyperactivity and skin disorders such as eczema – and they often prescribe stimulant medication to do so. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Anti-Vaccine Parents

I’m going to lose some friends over this.

Like you, I looked into the scientific evidence surrounding vaccinations with an open mind. I came to the same conclusion as my overprotective mother, my homeopathic-nature-is-best holistic mother-in-law and my skeptic husband – I would go through any lengths to vaccinate my children. This should not really come as ground breaking news, there is nothing edgy about siding with most parents, nearly all the world’s governments, the WHO and the vast majority of medical researchers, scientists and practitioners.

Both my children are vaccinated/being vaccinated, I just cannot justify taking the slightest risk with their lives, can you?  If you’re surprised by the Measles and Mumps outbreaks that have recently struck South Africa, The United States (California and Ohio being the most severe), New Zealand, the Phillipines, and the United Kingdom amongst many others – you underestimated the costs of your choice, which you’d be smart to reverse as soon as possible.

I understand that you think that you are doing the best for your child, but you are not. Here is why…



That’s a solid fact and has been proven in study, after study, after study, after study. Science has repeatedly disproven a link between vaccines and autism. Go read about Andrew Wakefield, the asshole that started this crap and how his paper that claimed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been withdrawn, and his medical license revoked. Here’s another thing that drives me mad -. Autism and neurodiversity are far from the worst things that could happen to you as a parent or your child, but don’t take my word for it – take Sarah’s. Do you know who else has Autism? Daryl Hannah, Temple Grandin, Courtney Love (I Know, not the best example), Dan Akroyd, Adam Young,  Susan Boyle and Matt Savage – amongst many other successful and ridiculously intelligent people.

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My Life – Living With Bipolar Disorder – Growing Up, Pregnancy and Motherhood

It has taken me a long time to write this post. It is something so deeply personal, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to let it all out. This is my clean slate… my fresh start to 2015. Sometimes the baggage gets too heavy to carry in your mind.

My Life - Living With Bipolar Disorder - Growing Up, Pregnancy and Motherhood

Up until a few years ago, most of my thoughts consisted out of wanting my life to end. There was no real reason – I just didn’t, and sometimes still don’t, want to be here any more. It has taken me years to understand my disorder. I know I will never be cured, but after years of juggling medication, therapy and building a support base I know I can manage it. I am no healthcare professional, I believe there are as many ways people develop to cope (or not cope) as there are people suffering with depression and Bipolar. I am simply telling my story. Continue reading

Mikayla’s Tonsilectomy And Adenoidectomy – What To Expect


Sunday – The Day Before…

We just got back from a wonderful walk in Tokai Forest, but instead of feeling calm and relaxed I have such a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. My little darling angel will be going in to Constantia Medi-Clinic tomorrow morning to have her Tonsils and Adenoids removed.

I know it is a very standard procedure, I know that the chances of anything going wrong is next to nothing and I trust our ENT specialist (Dr. Liebenberg)  to do an outstanding job, but this is my little girl. I could not even cope with taking her for her vaccinations when she was a baby, Cole had to take her in because I cried every time she did! I just cannot stand the thought of that tiny little body being in pain. I remember having my tonsils removed when I was very little – and it was damn sore! I have prepared as much as I possibly could – I’ve stocked up on jelly, custard, ice cream, chocolate mouse and all of her favourite puree’d fruit and veggies (juicy bags in toddler terms). We’ve moved a television and a DVD player into her room and got her a new pet (Tinkerbell the Rat – but that’s a post for another time). My plan is to bring her home from hospital, build her a pillow nest/fort and watch every single Barbie/Disney Princess movie ever made.

I think what is more nerve wrecking is the fact that I don’t really know what to expect. The purpose of this post is to take other parents doing this for the first time through the journey with us, maybe it will help someone in some way. I will be documenting the day of Mikayla’s surgery as well as the recovery process. As with anything I write here, this does NOT substitute medical advice given to you by your child’s health care provider.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s doctor.

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