How Product Reviews Work On Caffeine And Fairydust

Seeing as I’ve touched on why I do not dish out parenting advice yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to also explain to you how product reviews work on my blog.

First of all – I do not get paid for writing a review. I do sometimes receive free samples, but then I will state it clearly in my review.

Secondly – Regardless if the product was sent to me for free, all companies are made aware upfront that if I do not like it or if I will not personally use it, I will not write about it. I will never put the integrity of my blog at risk for a product I do not believe in. It is the same as sending your best friend to a terrible hairdresser, you just don’t do it.

Thirdly – I will never even consider writing a review on products that have been tested on animals, it is something I feel very strongly about and a theme that is kept throughout my blog. Even though I do extensive research – I am only human, so if I do make a mistake and there is such a product on my blog – please let me know.

How Product Reviews Work On Caffeine And Fairydust

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