Currently 21/03/2014

I think it is about that time again that I tie all my thoughts up in a neat little bow with one of my Currently posts. These posts are like my pensieve… if you don’t know what a pensieve is, shame on you.

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The Significance Of It All… One Day My Baby Will Be A Man.

I’ve been feeling a little bit overwhelmed, I don’t know if my hormones are still doing somersaults after giving birth almost 4 months ago or if this is perfectly normal…

I was sitting in the rocking chair with my baby boy earlier, looking down at his perfect little face when all of a sudden he grabbed my hand. I could not stop staring… he opened his hand in mine and my eyes started tearing up. One day, those hands are going to be bigger than mine, stronger than mine.

Caffeine and Fairydust - The Significance of It All - One Day My Baby Will Be A Man - Hands

My dearest little boy… a little more than a year ago you were just a thought in far away dreams, a hope. Today I look at you and your presence overwhelms me, you feel so small yet so solid in my arms. I look into your clear blue eyes, so big and innocent.. you inherited your dad’s long eyelashes, a perfect frame to the window of your pure soul. You are growing so fast and I wish each moment with you to last forever. Continue reading

The Day I Kicked Parenting’s Ass… It’s The Small Victories {Grocery Shopping}

I must say, I have been blessed with mostly well behaved kids, so I cannot really complain too much. There is one thing that sends chills down my spine and makes my heart drop into my shoes… going grocery shopping with both of them… and Cole for that matter. It is always a mission and it is always the same.. Mikayla gets bored, Cole gets hangry and Knox always has the biggest poo ever. Every single time I promise myself I will never do it again. I like shopping alone… it is a form of me time. You know your life has changed when going to the grocery store by yourself is a form of vacation.

Needless to say, when Cole told me he would be in Stellenbosch most of Saturday I started hyperventilating. That means I have no-one to leave the kids with… and there was no way I couldn’t go because we had pretty much run out of everything.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Caffeine and Fairydust A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Currently… 29/01/2015

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I feel like I am in some weird parallel universe or Twilight zone… it has been seven weeks since Knox was born and my baby girl turned four this month…four! What the hell. I also seem to be entering my midlife crisis about ten years early… If i knew what I know now… growing up is a trap – don’t do it! Listen to Peter Pan!

Currently... 29/01/2015

One of my favourite bloggers – Cindy from 3 Kids 2 Dogs and 1 Old House – has done a series of “Currently” posts and I loved the idea… I’ve taken it and added some of my own sections – it was the only way I could explain this specific article and to document everything that is going on without writing a 20 000 word essay. I hope she doesn’t mind that I am stealing her post idea  – I’ve already stolen her son’s name as well (not really, but kind of).   Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…