Today I Took My Daughter On A Cinderella Date… And We Learned Some Valuable Lessons!

Life is finally starting to get back to normal… I have started working again, got my confidence back and the kids are settling in nicely. Having a baby changes everything – wether it is your first or second… it does not matter – it…changes…everything (mostly for the good).

Before Knox was born, I used to take Mikayla on regular ‘dates’, this was our time – just us girls. During this time I would not pick up my phone unless it was to capture that perfect Instagram moment, because let’s face it – my child is freakin’ gorgeous. Anyway, even though I have made a point in including Mikayla when we do things with Knox and trying my best to give her equal amounts of attention we have not been able to go on one of our little dates since Knox’s birth almost 5 months ago – and that’s okay. There is so much adjusting, healing and changing happening and I knew it would be unfair to put too much pressure on myself to keep things the same.

We finally had a chance to start dating again today, we had such a blast! One day when Knox is old enough we will have our own dates too – I really think it is so important. We went to watch Cinderella at Ster Kinekor. I was worried at first as she is still very young and not a fan of ‘real-life’ movies, but it was what she chose to watch. It was a brilliant choice – we both really enjoyed it and it really exceeded my expectations. If you thought the 2015 reboot of Cinderella would be sassy and all-knowing you’d be wrong. And its very traditionalism is its greatest strength. Before you read any further, I will be referencing quotes from the movie – so if you consider that a spoiler – spoiler alert!

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Currently 21/03/2014

I think it is about that time again that I tie all my thoughts up in a neat little bow with one of my Currently posts. These posts are like my pensieve… if you don’t know what a pensieve is, shame on you.

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Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz

If it is not already obvious, my daughter – Mikayla Rose – is the light of my life. To me she is the brightest, most beautiful and funny little girl in the whole wide world. The world would be an extremely dull place without her… here are some snippets from a live with Mikayla…

Puts toothpaste on her toothbrush and starts yelling in a Frankenstein voice: “Its Alive…It’s ALIVE… IT’s ALLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!!!!”

While we are driving in the car on our way to visit family: Mikayla: “Mom, do you think my wish will come true?”  Me: “Well, what is your wish baby?” Mikayla: “That all my kittens will get stuck up a tree”. Um… Okay then…

While I’m getting dressed after a shower: “My boobs aren’t big like yours yet, mom. I can’t lift them up.” Wow…. that stung.

At dinnertime: “Mom if you make me eat my veggies I’m going to stab you with my paintbrush”. Yes, that happened.

Sitting in the lounge: Mikayla: “Mommy!” Me: “Yes babe?” Mikayla: “Not you mom, the mom in my head”. I’m glad I am the voice of your subcontious.

Randomly: “I like flies, they make me thirsty.” What the hell is in the water you are drinking child??

Discussing baking a cake for Ma & Pa: “Mom, when you say cake it makes me go crazy.”

Mikayla to the two flies buzzing around Knox: “You can’t sit on him, he’s not a chair!”

While I’m busy choking: “Mommy you are not dying because you are alive all the day. Crazy lady.”

Me trying to have a nap: “Mom I don’t want you to sleep! I don’t like it when your eyes are closed! I want you to be awake forever!”

Randomly: “Mom, you are a disaster.”

Chatting to Cole: “Dad, yesterday I put some food on a stick and made a keboob!”

Driving home after school: “Dad… Are footprints real?”

I’m bout to drive into the parking bay at Constantia Village when Mikayla suddenly screams: “Mom I don’t want to die!”

Snuggling into my fuzzy blanket: “I’m a baby horse, hatching out f a horse shell.”   Caffeine and Fairydust Thing My 4-Year Old Toddler Saiz

I hope you find this as funny as I do!

Lots of love,


The Day I Kicked Parenting’s Ass… It’s The Small Victories {Grocery Shopping}

I must say, I have been blessed with mostly well behaved kids, so I cannot really complain too much. There is one thing that sends chills down my spine and makes my heart drop into my shoes… going grocery shopping with both of them… and Cole for that matter. It is always a mission and it is always the same.. Mikayla gets bored, Cole gets hangry and Knox always has the biggest poo ever. Every single time I promise myself I will never do it again. I like shopping alone… it is a form of me time. You know your life has changed when going to the grocery store by yourself is a form of vacation.

Needless to say, when Cole told me he would be in Stellenbosch most of Saturday I started hyperventilating. That means I have no-one to leave the kids with… and there was no way I couldn’t go because we had pretty much run out of everything.

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Currently… 29/01/2015

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I feel like I am in some weird parallel universe or Twilight zone… it has been seven weeks since Knox was born and my baby girl turned four this month…four! What the hell. I also seem to be entering my midlife crisis about ten years early… If i knew what I know now… growing up is a trap – don’t do it! Listen to Peter Pan!

Currently... 29/01/2015

One of my favourite bloggers – Cindy from 3 Kids 2 Dogs and 1 Old House – has done a series of “Currently” posts and I loved the idea… I’ve taken it and added some of my own sections – it was the only way I could explain this specific article and to document everything that is going on without writing a 20 000 word essay. I hope she doesn’t mind that I am stealing her post idea  – I’ve already stolen her son’s name as well (not really, but kind of).   Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…