I wish someone had warned me…

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Heaven alone knows why, when I was pregnant, I only and constantly prayed for a successful natural birth. It would be a ritual in my daily prayers to ask the Almighty for a successful pregnancy and a successful natural birth. I was so naive and ignorant. I did not think about after birth. I did not think about nursing. I did not think about my emotions. Seeing all the pictures that mama’s put up of their peaceful sleeping babies made me believe that I was going to master motherhood and ace the transition from being me to being a mama. I was so wrong! There are so many things I did not know.

Before you read any further, I need to mention to you that this was my experience and that as everyone is unique, everyone’s experience is different.I pray that you do not go through what I went…

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Featured Blogger Of The Month…

Good evening ladies and gents! So us “mommy bloggers” are quite a tight knit little community… We read each others’ posts, laugh together, cry together, watch each others kids grow up, share in our triumphs, help each other, give advice… You name it.. We are a little family.

Once a month you will see a little button on my sidebar with the featured blogger of the month – please visit their page, give then feedback and show them as much love as they have showed me? I have such awesome readers, it would be selfish of me to not share you guys!

Anyway – this month we have Kim from Overcoming Mom – she puts so much passion into her blog. 

“Born with a passion for kids , BED Degree in teaching , clearly her dream of becoming a parent was only natural, but its been a journey. The hurdles faced with PND, the road travelled and the happiness gained. Enjoy a daily scoop of surviving PND , reality of parenting , fashion, food, friendships, family, and lots more…..”

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Thank you for all your support and love…