… And Then I Got Nominated For A Liebster Award

So my day started out pretty crap – not only did I burn myself to an absolute crisp on the beach yesterday and now appear to have sunstroke (cue vomiting, migraine, dizzyness) – I also can not get Knox to have a nap for longer than 10 minutes, have a massive amount of unpacking to do and I realized my maternity leave ends in a little over a month…It pretty much feels like the end of the world. Just as I was about to give up all hope on this godawful day – a ray of sunshine brightened my day and I laughed so hard I nearly pee’d my pants. Continue reading

Introduce Your Blog!

I think this could be a great way for bloggers to build an audience and also discover new and exciting blogs! I love reading other people’s blogs, there are some really amazing ones out there. Feel free to comment on this post, say hi and introduce yourself to other bloggers and readers. Add links to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram account, Bloglovin’ accounts, books and poems. Promote yourself, but don’t forget to also go say hi to others.

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Looking forward to finding my new favourite read!