How Product Reviews Work On Caffeine And Fairydust

Seeing as I’ve touched on why I do not dish out parenting advice yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to also explain to you how product reviews work on my blog.

First of all – I do not get paid for writing a review. I do sometimes receive free samples, but then I will state it clearly in my review.

Secondly – Regardless if the product was sent to me for free, all companies are made aware upfront that if I do not like it or if I will not personally use it, I will not write about it. I will never put the integrity of my blog at risk for a product I do not believe in. It is the same as sending your best friend to a terrible hairdresser, you just don’t do it.

Thirdly – I will never even consider writing a review on products that have been tested on animals, it is something I feel very strongly about and a theme that is kept throughout my blog. Even though I do extensive research – I am only human, so if I do make a mistake and there is such a product on my blog – please let me know.

How Product Reviews Work On Caffeine And Fairydust

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Mikayla’s “Magical Rainbow” Party {+Free Printables} ++ Please Note: This Post Is Picture Heavy++

I LOVE birthdays, I go all Momzilla when it is time to plan one and to be honest – I always go a little bit overboard. This year I opted for something simpler seeing as I had a newborn baby and not a lot of time or energy. I needed a theme that would still look amazing, but would be super easy to do… and voila! A “Magical Rainbow” party for my beautiful, happy little girl’s 4th birthday (4th!!!!!!). The venue was absolutely perfect, and I can’t rave enough about Catherine who entertained the kiddos and made the party super special and the cake, as always, was divine. So, here’s what we did…

Let’s start at the party packs – I bought these colourful D.I.Yparty boxes at Merrypak and printed out some labels to stick on. I am going to be very honest – I can’t remember exactly what I put in these things (party boxes aren’t exactly the most exciting part for me), but here is a wonderful guide from Cindy about what to pack in your party boxes!

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{Review} NooNoo Pie Tie… Snug And Free, The Natural And Flexible Baby Carrier For Babywearing {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

There is no better feeling in the world than holding your little baby in your arms – my favourite part of the day is lying on the couch with my little Knox sleeping against my chest, taking in his scent (nothing in the world smells better than a baby!) and kissing his perfect little head.

{Review} NooNoo Pie Tie... Snug And Free, The Natural And Flexible Baby Carrier {GIVEAWAY CLOSED} baby relaxing on mom's chest

Having a busy toddler makes having these special moments rather difficult. There is just so much to do  – I’m sure all moms can agree. With the NooNoo Pie Tie you can still have baba close to you even when you are busy. Knox was a month premature and spent a week in NICU due to having some breathing difficulties. We were not allowed to touch him at all and I got to hold him for the first time when he was about a week old. Needless to say, once I finally did hold him I never wanted to let go. The lovely ladies at NooNoo Pie sent me a wrap to try out and it arrived the day after we finally brought Knox home. It must have been extremely stressful for him to all of a sudden be in such a drastically different environment than the NICU with all its beeping machines and he was crying quite a lot – that wrap worked wonders. As you can see in the photo, I got the wrap horribly wrong the first time around! Luckily, through NooNoo Pie’s amazing hands-on approach, they guided me in the right direction… Continue reading

Recipe – How To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Recipe - How To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Make your house smell like Christmas!

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Merry Christmas – Our Family Traditions

Christmas is such a magical time of the year… and definitely my favourite.

We do things a little differently in our home… Cole (my husband) and I don’t believe in religion. Cole is an Atheist and I am what I like to call “Spiritual“. I believe in a greater power – my personal belief is that this greater power is nature and energy, but before we get off topic, let’s leave that as a post for another time. All you need to know is that I respect everyone’s different religions and beliefs, and that I am raising my kids to learn about all of them in order for them to be open minded and to make their own choices. So, we do things differently because we don’t do the religious part, for us it is family time, a time to reflect, a time to be grateful, a time to be together and a time to give. Santa Clause is a big fat man in a red suit with a long white beard who delivers presents on his sleigh to the kids who’ve been good throughout the year and we have our own little family traditions. Also, Cole never had the joy of Christmas growing up – his parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and do not believe in celebrating Christmas, so it is extra special as it is something he’s always wanted when he was little. Christmas is a big deal in our home and it’s all about making memories with each other and the kids.

One of my best Christmas memories from growing up was spending time in the kitchen with my sisters and mom baking and cooking up a storm. Cut-out sugar cookies from my mom’s Huisgenoot cookbook and Peppermint Crisp Tart were our specialties. For a solid two days our kitchen counter would be covered in flour dust, frosting drippings and chocolate shavings as we made every shape cookie imaginable and carefully decorated each one with an variety of colored frostings and sprinkles. As my sisters and I got older, my mom let us have free reign of the kitchen and it was so much fun getting to do the planning and baking by ourselves. My mom always had a entire menu planned out and we each had our own contributions.

Merry Christmas - Our Family Traditions

Family Recipe – Peppermint Tart

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Cruelty-Free Brands We Love: The Victorian Garden Product Review + {{GIVEAWAY CLOSED}}

Next in our series of Cruelty-Free brands we love is The Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Company.They were nice enough to send me a couple of products to try out and WOW! Also, they were nice enough to sponsor an amazing prize for our weekly competition (see end of article for details).
We believe in developing products which are produced with the utmost care and respect for the earth so that future generations may enjoy the benefits each ingredient offers. Choosing organically grown ingredients where possible, means we are supporting organic farming methods which nurture the soil, ensuring it will be fertile in decades to come. A healthy soil means healthy plants which equates to healthy ingredients. We choose not to use artificially produced chemicals and additives which require increasingly scarce elements such as nitrogen for production, and all of our products are biodegradable. Our packaging is recyclable, we use safe pthelate-free plastic which has less impact on the environment than glass, is recyclable and will not leach industrial chemicals into the product thereby keeping it safe and stable. – The Victorian Garden 
To read more about their Ethos and Mission – click here. You can also read more about their history here.
At the moment they are in the process of changing from Beauty Without Cruelty accreditation to Leaping Bunny (which is recognized more widely internationally for export purposes) and this should be finalized by February 2015.