Restaurant Review – Rock Sushi Thai

I doubt there is anyone on this planet that loves Sushi more than I do… Well, Mikayla (my 4-year old) does and it works out great for me as I always use her as an excuse. She is also a great instigator and my husband can never say no to her! We have become regulars at Rock Sushi Thai in Meadowridge, Cape Town – it is convenient as it literally is just around the corner from our house and the food is so delicious! They also have decent sized portions at reasonable prices and the staff are always friendly and so patient with Mikayla (who insists on ordering her own ‘orange’ sushi and checking up on where it is every 5-minutes).

First of all, they do not have a kids menu. This will only work out well for you if your kids eat sushi or grown-up people Thai food. There is also a small little jungle gym outside the Meadowridge restaurant thanks to Col’ Cacchio for your kids to play on and the milkshakes are divine. Mikayla and I go on milkshake dates all the time after special events (ballet recitals, plays, school reports etc.) and these milkshakes are the real deal… Trust me. They are one of the few places that still use high quality full cream ice cream. There are only three falvours to choose from – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is all you really need in life, to be honest. Okay, enough of the milkshakes (damn I want a milkshake now).


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South Africa Is Breaking My Heart, I Cry For My Beloved Country {Warning: Graphic Pictures}

I don’t usually post negative things on my blog – I generally try keep things around here as positive as possible and seeing as I am a very opinionated person I try my best to never write about politics. That being said, this blog is my personal outlet and this is something that has been resting heavy on my heart. Before I start, please know that I am not trying to insult anyone, I hate racism, I love my country.

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town takes my breath away and fills me with awe. I grew up somewhere even more beautiful… a gorgeous farm in Kanoneiland situated in between Upington and Keimoes in the Northern Cape – also known as the ‘Groen/Green Kalahari’. As beautiful as the landscapes and sunsets are, this place is filled with just as much ugly… and I am scared. It is like an abusive relationship – every time it gets bad I threaten to leave, but love and hope keeps me from following through… It will be better tomorrow, it’s not really that bad.

South Africa Is Breaking My Heart, I Cry For My Beloved Country - White Privilidge Racism Rhodes Must Fall Xenophobia Kanoneiland Sunset in africa

Last night I was lying in bed and instead of drifting off to a peaceful sleep I was figuring out my ‘game plan’ for when shit hits the fan – grab Knox, run to Mikayla’s room, grab her, climb out the window, sneak to the car, get in and speed off. I was playing out different scenarios in my head, what to do if this or that happened… should I pack an emergency getaway bag and keep it in the car? Should I get passports ready for the kids? Should I get a gun? Should I rather start homeschooling the kids? Should we just leave before it is too late? Will it ever get to that point? Continue reading

{Restaurant Review} Sundowners And Dinner At Cafe Caprice In Camps Bay, Cape Town

Last week we decided to head over to Cafe Caprice for some sundowners and dinner. Our summer days here in Cape Town are numbered and we wanted to enjoy it while we can and bask in the sun, soaking up the energy of our beautiful city. Also, we needed a break from the kids… If I have to sing The Hotdog Song one more time…

Cafe Caprice Restaurant Review - Caffeine and Fairydust  Taryn and Maz

First of all – the location does not get better than this. Whether it is for the artisan cocktails in the summer months or for the great winter burger special, Café Caprice never disappoints.  Situated on the world famous Camps Bay Strip, Caprice has been around since 1999 and still enjoys a faithful following from locals and international visitors alike.

We sat at our table watching the sun set across the ocean, palm trees against a blood orange sky,  surrounded by beautiful people and good vibes. Continue reading

{Interview} Shaun Dean – Tattoo Artist And Owner Of Emerald Fox Tattoo Studio in Cape Town

Shaun Dean is one of my favourite people on this planet… probably because he is pretty much the male version of me – or at least of who I would like to be. I met Shaun when a friend of mine was apprenticing at his shop – I saw his drawings and I just knew I had to get tattooed by this guy!

Shaun Dean Emerald Fox Tattoo Caffeine and Fairydust Busy tattooingShaun Dean Emerald Fox Tattoo Caffeine and Fairydust Cat Tattoo OutlinesIShaun Dean Emerald Fox Tattoo Caffeine and Fairydust Cat Tattoo Colour

I started off by getting a Victorian style portrait of my 3-legged cat Xena on my arm at the Tattoo convention in March 2014. Xena was Cole and I’s first baby and her death was a terrible tragedy for me. I gave Shaun creative freedom and he drew up the most gorgeous artwork for me. It was such a pleasant experience and I was so happy with the end result that I booked my next tattoo – something I have wanted for years, but was waiting for the right artist to come along. Shaun did the rose on my hand and later we added my finger tattoos. I am already planning my next piece with him – I can’t wait!

Shaun Dean Emerald Fox Tattoo Caffeine and Fairydust Hand Tattoo Rose VictorianShaun Dean Emerald Fox Tattoo Caffeine and Fairydust Getting Hand TattooedShaun Dean Emerald Fox Tattoo Caffeine and Fairydust Finger Tattoos Crwon Crystal Heart Chanel Logo Scissors

So… without further delay, my interview with Mr. Shaun Dean… Continue reading

Introducing Hair Mobile by Mel – Will You Be Our Valentine? {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

We all know how hard you have been working, how little time you have for yourself no matter how hard you try… Life is busy, and expensive!

Melissa (she also did my hair for my wedding) is my go-to hair stylist. Continue reading

Mikayla’s “Magical Rainbow” Party {+Free Printables} ++ Please Note: This Post Is Picture Heavy++

I LOVE birthdays, I go all Momzilla when it is time to plan one and to be honest – I always go a little bit overboard. This year I opted for something simpler seeing as I had a newborn baby and not a lot of time or energy. I needed a theme that would still look amazing, but would be super easy to do… and voila! A “Magical Rainbow” party for my beautiful, happy little girl’s 4th birthday (4th!!!!!!). The venue was absolutely perfect, and I can’t rave enough about Catherine who entertained the kiddos and made the party super special and the cake, as always, was divine. So, here’s what we did…

Let’s start at the party packs – I bought these colourful D.I.Yparty boxes at Merrypak and printed out some labels to stick on. I am going to be very honest – I can’t remember exactly what I put in these things (party boxes aren’t exactly the most exciting part for me), but here is a wonderful guide from Cindy about what to pack in your party boxes!

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