A Glimpse At What It Is Like Raising A Child With Cerebral Palsy, Severe Intractable Epilepsy And Cortical Visual Impairment

I recently reached out to Lisa, little Hunter’s mom, and asked her if I could please share their story. I have been following this brave little boy’s life on Facebook since the beginning of the year… I have cried for them with every setback and leaped with joy at every triumph. See, Hunter is a very special little boy – not only is he strikingly beautiful, but he also suffers from Cerebral Palsy, severe Intractable Epilepsy and Cortical Visual Impairment after damage to the brain was picked up In Utero… he is only 18 months old.

A Glimpse At What It Is Like Raising A Child With Cerebral Palsy, Severe Intractable Epilepsy And Cortical Visual Impairment

I admire his parents, they have remained positive throughout Hunters’ diagnosis and continue to do so every day – reading the updates on the Facebook page you can see for yourself, they are taking this head on! I have asked Lisa to tell us her story, to tell us what it is really like raising a child with Cerebral Palsy, Severe Intractable Epilepsy And Cortical Visual Impairment. This is their story as told by Lisa, his brave mom, a true inspiration…


Our story begins when we first found out about Hunter’s bleed on the brain when I was still pregnant. At 32 weeks our gynae saw something on his brain in a routine ultrasound and we were immediately sent for a further 4D scan – we had been for an earlier 4D scan prior to this but everything was still perfect at that point… we were shattered by this news and did not know what to expect, we just kept praying for a false alarm but somehow the decrease in movement in the few weeks leading up to the scan made me incredibly anxious. The scan revealed enlarged ventricles and a bleed on the brain in a few areas. This could not be explained by any expert and the cause remains unknown, but we remained hopeful as other than the enlarged ventricles the rest of brain seemed to look fine. We were told that it is difficult to make any definite conclusions as ultrasound is not able do view areas deep in the brain.

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Naartjie’s Love Foundation Clothing Drive Kicks Off Today! Also… Swooning Over Their New Autumn Range…

As you all know, I am very fond of Naartjie Clothing – I worked for the company for about two years designing their layette ranges and they hold a very special place close to my heart.

I absolutely love the concept of the Love Foundation Clothing Drive – being in the fashion industry I personally buy my kids way too much clothes and at the rate they grow it is a little senseless (not to mention the financial impact!). The Love Foundation Clothing Drive gives you the opportunity to give to those in need, and also gives you a little something in return so you can buy that gorgeous Naartjie item you’ve had your eye on!

How the Love Foundation Clothing Drive works:

For every piece of wearable kids clothing (of any brand) that customers bring into a Naartjie store, they will receive a 5% discount voucher.Customers can add their vouchers together and get up to 25% off their purchase at one time. If customers bring in more than 5 pieces of clothing, their remaining vouchers can be used on their next purchase. The cut-off date to bring clothing in and earn vouchers is the 15th of June and the vouchers expire on the 30th of June this year.

The Goedgedacht Trust runs a rural development centre 87 km north of Cape Town. There, they run a number of programmes designed to positively influence the lives of the inhabitants of the surrounding Swartland and West Coast area. The Path Out of Poverty programme (POP) for rural children and youth is the flagship programme of the Trust. Children can enter the programme from four months old and continue to be part of it until they are 25.  The model is based on four pillars, namely education, health, personal development and care for the planet.

I have experienced the Naartjie Love Foundation first hand, The Naartjie Love Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children from disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa. Their mission is to bring lasting and positive change to these children with the emphasis on their primary needs, including their absolute safety, and on their education and loving care. They hope that the children touched by the Naartjie Love Foundation’s efforts will regain a sense of self-worth and in turn enjoy a brighter future.

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The Milton Cares Programme… Help Us Spread The Word And You Can Win A Miltons Hamper Valued At R730! { Competition Closed }

I believe in Karma… and I believe that if you have the opportunity to do some good in this world, you should take it. Here is a perfect example of such an opportunity…

By just sharing this post on a social media platform you could win a Milton Hamper to the value of R730! Not to mention that you might save a life or two in the process…

In 2012, Intestinal infectious diseases were ranked the first leading cause of death in babies in South Africa. This includes illnesses such as gastroenteritis and diarrhoea.  *Statistics South Africa. In 2009, diarrhoea was the leading cause of death among children younger than 5 years and accounted for 18% of the deaths in this age group. Milton is on a mission to reduce these statistics in South Africa and has made a commitment to make a difference by inviting you to join in! 

EDUCATE, NOMINATE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE through the Milton Cares Initiative.

Milton has made a commitment  to distribute 1 000 baby bottle Combi sterilisations packs that can be used in a microwave or with cold water.  Milton offers a tried and tested sterilisation solution that is scientifically proven to kill all commonly known germs including thrush.  Milton is committed to reducing these frightening gastroenteritis statistics by providing world class sterilisation technology to communities in need/to babies at risk.

The Milton Cares Initiative provides relief with their mobile educational sterilisation drive.   While gastroenteritis can affect every household we understand that education and understanding the effectiveness of Milton can change lives.Milton cares

The nomination process could not be easier.  Go onto www.milton .co.za, click on the Milton Cares initiative link and submit your request.   Milton will dispatch an educator and Milton Combi packs to the area in need.   Once the request has been fulfilled, images and a short write up will be sent to you,the nominee – this will allow you to see the difference you have made.

Milton Give a Child a Family (1)

“We have the opportunity to change lives.   Milton works.   Through education and a little effort we will make a difference.” – Milton Marketing Manager Steve Donald

Milton leading the way in “Maximum Protection for your baby”


Facebook: Milton South Africa


Just by sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter, you can win this amazing Milton Hamper to the value of R730! Be sure to tag Caffeine and Fairydust (Facebook)  or @CaffeineandF (Twitter) and use the hashtag #MiltonCares in order for us to see your entry. Please leave a comment in the comment section below to tell us what media you have used to share on ♥

Hamper Includes:

  • X1 Soother Steriliser
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  • X1 Solo Travel Steriliser
  • Mini Tabs 50’s
  • X1 Surface Spray

(If you do not want this hamper for yourself you can always choose to donate it to one of the various childrens’ charities in South Africa)

 Winner to be announced on 28 November 2015!