Today I Took My Daughter On A Cinderella Date… And We Learned Some Valuable Lessons!

Life is finally starting to get back to normal… I have started working again, got my confidence back and the kids are settling in nicely. Having a baby changes everything – wether it is your first or second… it does not matter – it…changes…everything (mostly for the good).

Before Knox was born, I used to take Mikayla on regular ‘dates’, this was our time – just us girls. During this time I would not pick up my phone unless it was to capture that perfect Instagram moment, because let’s face it – my child is freakin’ gorgeous. Anyway, even though I have made a point in including Mikayla when we do things with Knox and trying my best to give her equal amounts of attention we have not been able to go on one of our little dates since Knox’s birth almost 5 months ago – and that’s okay. There is so much adjusting, healing and changing happening and I knew it would be unfair to put too much pressure on myself to keep things the same.

We finally had a chance to start dating again today, we had such a blast! One day when Knox is old enough we will have our own dates too – I really think it is so important. We went to watch Cinderella at Ster Kinekor. I was worried at first as she is still very young and not a fan of ‘real-life’ movies, but it was what she chose to watch. It was a brilliant choice – we both really enjoyed it and it really exceeded my expectations. If you thought the 2015 reboot of Cinderella would be sassy and all-knowing you’d be wrong. And its very traditionalism is its greatest strength. Before you read any further, I will be referencing quotes from the movie – so if you consider that a spoiler – spoiler alert!

Today I Took My Daughter On A Cinderella Date... And We Learned Some Valuable Lessons! Ster Kinekor Cinderella 2015 Continue reading

A Photo An Hour – Photo Challenge

So yesterday I did a little Instagram challenge – #APhotoAnHour.
It was really fun, I love using Instagram and I enjoyed documenting my day.

A Photo An Hour - Photo Challenge
It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Remembering to take the photo every hour was the first challenge and the other: what the hell should I take a picture of? It really made me focus on the details surrounding me.

Want to play? Here are the rules:
1. From 10am – 10pm you must post a photo every hour on the hour.
2. You have to take a photo at that exact time – you are not allowed to use an old photo.
3. In the description, use the hashtag #APhotoAnHour along with the time so that other players can easily find your photo.
4. Tag @CaffeineandFairydust – I would love to see your photos!
5. Invite your friends to join!