Things My 4-Year Old Kid Saiz

If it is not already obvious, my daughter – Mikayla Rose – is the light of my life. To me she is the brightest, most beautiful and funny little girl in the whole wide world. The world would be an extremely dull place without her… here are some snippets from a live with Mikayla…

Puts toothpaste on her toothbrush and starts yelling in a Frankenstein voice: “Its Alive…It’s ALIVE… IT’s ALLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!!!!”

While we are driving in the car on our way to visit family: Mikayla: “Mom, do you think my wish will come true?”  Me: “Well, what is your wish baby?” Mikayla: “That all my kittens will get stuck up a tree”. Um… Okay then…

While I’m getting dressed after a shower: “My boobs aren’t big like yours yet, mom. I can’t lift them up.” Wow…. that stung.

At dinnertime: “Mom if you make me eat my veggies I’m going to stab you with my paintbrush”. Yes, that happened.

Sitting in the lounge: Mikayla: “Mommy!” Me: “Yes babe?” Mikayla: “Not you mom, the mom in my head”. I’m glad I am the voice of your subcontious.

Randomly: “I like flies, they make me thirsty.” What the hell is in the water you are drinking child??

Discussing baking a cake for Ma & Pa: “Mom, when you say cake it makes me go crazy.”

Mikayla to the two flies buzzing around Knox: “You can’t sit on him, he’s not a chair!”

While I’m busy choking: “Mommy you are not dying because you are alive all the day. Crazy lady.”

Me trying to have a nap: “Mom I don’t want you to sleep! I don’t like it when your eyes are closed! I want you to be awake forever!”

Randomly: “Mom, you are a disaster.”

Chatting to Cole: “Dad, yesterday I put some food on a stick and made a keboob!”

Driving home after school: “Dad… Are footprints real?”

I’m bout to drive into the parking bay at Constantia Village when Mikayla suddenly screams: “Mom I don’t want to die!”

Snuggling into my fuzzy blanket: “I’m a baby horse, hatching out f a horse shell.”   Caffeine and Fairydust Thing My 4-Year Old Toddler Saiz

I hope you find this as funny as I do!

Lots of love,


A Real-Life Love Story…

Today I am going to tell you a real-life love story – this amazing story belongs to Calvin (Cole’s uncle) and Didge, his beautiful wife. These two people hold a very special place in my heart – not only because they are family, but because they are amazing human beings with so much love and compassion for others. They truly deserve all the happiness in the world, and this just goes to prove… good things happen to good people.


Calvin and Didge met in 1966 when they were just 15-years old in Rhodesia through a mutual friend. They saw each other during the school holidays despite the fact that Didge lived all the way out in the country in Mazoe and Calvin in Salisbury. Calvin would ride out with his friend, Jack, on a motorbike to see Didge and watch their friends bands play. (Keep in mind, this was before cellphones!)

Didge left school a couple of years later and moved to Salisbury having found work in the city and was staying in a youth hostel. She walked to work every day, little did she know that Calvin lived just down the road from her in Rhodes Avenue. One morning they bumped into each other on the corner, they happened to be going in the same direction on their way to work. This became a regular thing and as they had always fancied each other and had been friends, Calvin mustered up the courage to ask Didge out soon after. From there on they were inseparable, but of course the inevitable happened and Calvin had to leave to do a long stint in the army. Calvin was conscripted into the army at Bulawayo, Llewellyn Barracks. It was compulsory for all guys to join the army back then. He was away for 18 months and Didge would travel to see him from Salisbury whenever she had a break. Once Calvin finished his initial training, he was posted out to the Bush and mostly did his time in the Kariba area where Didge would drive out to see him.

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Merry Christmas! My Wish For You…

Thank you so much for all the support since I started this blog in September – it has been overwhelming. This has been both one of the worst and one of the best years of my life.

May all your wishes, hopes and dreams come true and may you all have an amazing time with your families and friends.

Lots of love and light to you all on this gorgeous day!!

My Christmas wish for you, my friend
Is not a simple one
For I wish you hope and joy and peace
Days filled with warmth and sun

I wish you love and friendship too
Throughout the coming year
Lots of laughter and happiness
To fill your world with cheer

May you count your blessings, one by one
And when totaled by the lot
May you find all you’ve been given
To be more than what you sought

May your journeys be short, your burdens light
May your spirit never grow old
May all your clouds have silver linings
And your rainbows pots of gold

I wish this all and so much more
May all your dreams come true
May you have a Merry Christmas friend
And a happy New Year, too ..

Baby Bump Update – 36 weeks + Birth!

Baby Bump Update - 36 weeks + Birth! So we’ve reached 36 weeks!!! Amazing how time is flying. Everything was ready, we were all just waiting… We even had the Christmas tree and all the presents sorted out! Coincidently, I also finished all of my UIF paperwork the day before and had a lunch date with Mikayla earlier in the day (this was something I was planning to do the day before my scheduled c-section and was very important to me). Knox must have sensed this as on 4 December 2015 at 7:30pm my contractions started and I went into labour…

It started feeling like Braxton Hicks, I have been experiencing quite a lot of these in my third trimester, but something was different. The contractions seemed to start in my lower back and pulled its way around my tummy like a belt – it wasn’t painful though so I did not worry too much. They became more and more frequent, and they didn’t go away… I usually get about four big semi-painful Braxton Hicks and then they disappear – not this time. I counted eight contractions in 40 minutes spaced roughly 3 minutes apart and lasting for about a minute each. These were too consistent so I phoned the Maternity Ward at Kingsbury Hospital. The sister on call advised me that it was a little strange that they weren’t very painful, and to take a shower, drink loads of water and lie on my side for about an hour – if they didn’t disappear before then I was to come in for a check-up. I did the above mentioned, but waited an extra hour – I felt so embarrassed – I didn’t want to go in and then it was nothing! (I’ve already been to the Maternity Ward twice before – false alarms). At 10:00pm the contractions where about 1:30 minutes apart lasting 40 seconds each and they were getting painful, very, very painful…. There was no denying it – it was time! We dropped Mikayla off at the in-laws and made our way through to the hospital where I was placed on a fetal heartbeat and contraction monitor.

Baby Bump Update - 36 weeks + Birth!

Baby Bump Update - 36 weeks + Birth!
The sister confirmed that I was indeed in labour, I was admitted for the night and Dr. Jansen (a.k.a Rockstar Gynea) was notified. She was concerned about delivering the baby at exactly 36 weeks – she was worried that his lungs would not be fully mature enough. She had the sister give me a Morphine injection in a bid to try stop the labour – it didn’t work – it did not even take the pain away enough for me to be able to sleep. I was also given a steroid injection to help mature his lungs just in case.
The contractions remained frequent and intense. I was about 1cm dilated and my cervix was paper thin. By 8:00am the next morning Dr. Jansen came around and had me placed on a drip as a second attempt to stop labour – once again it did not work and after about 15 hours of labour in total, I was rolled into theatre and they performed a c-section.

Baby Bump Update - 36 weeks + Birth!
Cole was absolutely amazing through all of this… He is the best husband a girl could ever ask for. He held my hand, kissed me, distracted me through every injection (I have a huge fear of needles), he was just amazing. Another very special, amazing part was that Cole’s oldest and dearest friends’ wife, Manna, came in to assist Dr. Jansen in delivering our baby. This is seriously the nicest, sweetest person you will ever meet – it was so great having her there, she really made me feel relaxed and put my mind at ease. It was very special.

Knox was born at 10:30am on 5 December 2014 and when he gave his first cry… It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life. He weighs 2.97kg and is 50cm tall – not bad for being four weeks early. I got to hold him for less than a minute as he was having trouble breathing – as predicted.

Baby Bump Update - 36 weeks + Birth! He had some fluid on his lungs so they let us take a quick family photo before taking him through to the NICU unit – Cole went with and followed him the entire day to put my mind at ease!

Baby Bump Update - 36 weeks + Birth!
I have been in bed all day recovering from the c-section and getting feeling back in to my legs after the epidural, I will only be able to see my little boy again tomorrow after all my tubes, drips, etc. have been removed and I’m allowed to walk around. I cannot describe how heartbreaking it is not to be able to hold him.. Not to be able to see him is just… I don’t know, it is killing me. Cole kept bringing me photos and videos of him so that helped a little bit.

Baby Bump Update - 36 weeks + Birth!

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What Makes My Husband The Best Dad

As mothers, we cannot help but boast about our little ones and how amazing they are… today I want to boast about my husband. I couldn’t have picked a better dad for our little girl if I tried.

Dads seem to get a bad rap in the media, they are often portrayed as the bread-winner who doesn’t know which end of a baby to diaper, much less how to braid hair, cook dinner and clean! My husband definitely cleans more than me (keeper!) and probably cooks better than me too (okay, probably not – my cooking is amazing). Most importantly, he always makes time for his family.

I know I am very lucky, I also understand that everyone’s circumstances are different – and sometimes dad’s have to work extremely hard and late hours – the same goes for moms. Some have more high pressure jobs, some have a lot of stress to deal with… I am not judging, I am just trying to show some appreciation as Dad’s are often overlooked and Mommy gets all the shine.

What Makes My Husband The Best Dad Dad and Baby Sleeping

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Eight Universal Truths of Motherhood

“Moms have the toughest job in the world if you’re doing it right” – Oprah Winfrey

1. You want to do what’s best for your baby.

2. You think you have no idea what’s best for your baby.

3. Everyone thinks they know what’s best for your baby, and you will never hear the end of it.

4.  Moms are not allowed in the bathroom alone, or to get dressed alone, or any sort of privacy for that matter

5. Meeting and befriending other young, new moms is like dating other temporarily mentally ill people.

6. You subconsciously keep track of your kids’ poops, and that’s normal

7. There is nothing better than a sleeping child, no matter how old

6. You will lose all sense of modesty and decency through the pregnancy/birthing/nursing process

7. You will always have the upper hand. You grew, carried and gave birth to a whole new person. No amount of man flu will ever top that.

8. Babies really do love routines. Routines work.