What to expect when your wife is expecting. 

My husband wrote this post – What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expecting – rather interesting to see it from a man’s perspective! Definitely share this with dad’s to be, he is pretty spot on!

Dude Revude

I was washing my car one Saturday morning when my wife brought me a hotdog and a coke.  “I’m pregnant.” There was about 15 seconds of silence between us which was actually louder than its sounds. We had been engaged for a couple months and I think she was waiting for me to freak out and rush off to the pub. But I didn’t. I was genuinely happy. I was gonna be a dad!

Looking back on our pregnancy (I say “our pregnancy” because you are both pregnant! Don’t fool yourself.) I wish I was told a few things about what to expect from a pregnant woman. We all know the stereotypes of a pregnant lady but they are always told to us in a light-hearted “it’s-not-the-kind-of-thing-you-need-to-prepare-for”  kind of way. For new dads, like I was, it’s nothing short of terrifying.

Firstly, always be available. Your wife is growing your…

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