What Makes My Husband The Best Dad

As mothers, we cannot help but boast about our little ones and how amazing they are… today I want to boast about my husband. I couldn’t have picked a better dad for our little girl if I tried.

Dads seem to get a bad rap in the media, they are often portrayed as the bread-winner who doesn’t know which end of a baby to diaper, much less how to braid hair, cook dinner and clean! My husband definitely cleans more than me (keeper!) and probably cooks better than me too (okay, probably not – my cooking is amazing). Most importantly, he always makes time for his family.

I know I am very lucky, I also understand that everyone’s circumstances are different – and sometimes dad’s have to work extremely hard and late hours – the same goes for moms. Some have more high pressure jobs, some have a lot of stress to deal with… I am not judging, I am just trying to show some appreciation as Dad’s are often overlooked and Mommy gets all the shine.

What Makes My Husband The Best Dad Dad and Baby Sleeping

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