Restaurant Review – Rock Sushi Thai

I doubt there is anyone on this planet that loves Sushi more than I do… Well, Mikayla (my 4-year old) does and it works out great for me as I always use her as an excuse. She is also a great instigator and my husband can never say no to her! We have become regulars at Rock Sushi Thai in Meadowridge, Cape Town – it is convenient as it literally is just around the corner from our house and the food is so delicious! They also have decent sized portions at reasonable prices and the staff are always friendly and so patient with Mikayla (who insists on ordering her own ‘orange’ sushi and checking up on where it is every 5-minutes).

First of all, they do not have a kids menu. This will only work out well for you if your kids eat sushi or grown-up people Thai food. There is also a small little jungle gym outside the Meadowridge restaurant thanks to Col’ Cacchio for your kids to play on and the milkshakes are divine. Mikayla and I go on milkshake dates all the time after special events (ballet recitals, plays, school reports etc.) and these milkshakes are the real deal… Trust me. They are one of the few places that still use high quality full cream ice cream. There are only three falvours to choose from – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is all you really need in life, to be honest. Okay, enough of the milkshakes (damn I want a milkshake now).


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Load Shedding With Little Kids In The House Is A Pain… But You Can Make It Fun!

While adults may be cursing over the inconvenience of the next load shedding session, kids are also being affected by the dark. This can be a big challenge when your bedside light is off and the monsters under the bed feel closer than ever. But because wants to help all South Africans live in the light, they’ve got a host of fun, child-friendly toys and lights to help our little ones deal with the dark.

1. Pink Solar Lamp – R185.00

The nifty pink solar lamps light up automatically in the dark, leaving no bedroom pitch black. Simply leave your solar jar on your window sill, or in a sunny area, for the solar cell to recharge the battery. This will provide power for the LED lamp at night. In frosted pink or white, the lamp provides a bright light that’s watertight with no visible switches, perfect for curious hands. (There is an override switch inside the lid if you would like to turn it off.)

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South Africa Is Breaking My Heart, I Cry For My Beloved Country {Warning: Graphic Pictures}

I don’t usually post negative things on my blog – I generally try keep things around here as positive as possible and seeing as I am a very opinionated person I try my best to never write about politics. That being said, this blog is my personal outlet and this is something that has been resting heavy on my heart. Before I start, please know that I am not trying to insult anyone, I hate racism, I love my country.

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town takes my breath away and fills me with awe. I grew up somewhere even more beautiful… a gorgeous farm in Kanoneiland situated in between Upington and Keimoes in the Northern Cape – also known as the ‘Groen/Green Kalahari’. As beautiful as the landscapes and sunsets are, this place is filled with just as much ugly… and I am scared. It is like an abusive relationship – every time it gets bad I threaten to leave, but love and hope keeps me from following through… It will be better tomorrow, it’s not really that bad.

South Africa Is Breaking My Heart, I Cry For My Beloved Country - White Privilidge Racism Rhodes Must Fall Xenophobia Kanoneiland Sunset in africa

Last night I was lying in bed and instead of drifting off to a peaceful sleep I was figuring out my ‘game plan’ for when shit hits the fan – grab Knox, run to Mikayla’s room, grab her, climb out the window, sneak to the car, get in and speed off. I was playing out different scenarios in my head, what to do if this or that happened… should I pack an emergency getaway bag and keep it in the car? Should I get passports ready for the kids? Should I get a gun? Should I rather start homeschooling the kids? Should we just leave before it is too late? Will it ever get to that point? Continue reading

*** CLOSED **** { Review + GIVEAWAY } My 7 Day Super Juice And Soup Detox Diet With Juice Revolution – Why I Did It, My Experience and Results

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I can’t believe it, but I did it! Thanks to the amazing support from Fiona Stander,  founder of Juice Revolution, I have completed my 7 Day Super Juice And Soup Detox Diet. Fiona is a mom herself, and an all-round lovely and supportive person… there is no-one better to have on speed dial as you embark on this journey!

Why I Did It….

I tried a 5-Day Juice Detox from a different company not too long ago and even though I felt great afterwards, I was not very impressed by the results regarding my weight-loss. It was also my first ever attempt so I did not know any better to be honest. Anyway, when Fiona asked me to try out her program I decided to go for it – I had a couple of fashion industry events to attend and I needed to start work in about two weeks… I wanted to look and feel my best.

When I had my first baby I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight within two months after she was born, it really was not that hard…. This time around, I just cannot seem to shed the weight. I had my second baby four months ago, and before you start huffing and puffing – this is not about vanity or body shaming. This is about breaking down in tears every time I need to get dressed and go somewhere because none of my clothes fit, it is about feeling uncomfortable, it is about not being able to recognize my own body. I have always been curvy, and I do love my curves – I have always embraced them… however, I would not describe myself as curvy anymore – I will describe myself as overweight. I felt heavy, I felt tired all the time, my body was an absolute war zone and my skin had gone to hell… I did not feel healthy. I do not think people realize how much pregnancy takes out of you. I picked up 26 kg’s in total while being pregnant with Knox, and before I started the 7 Day Super Juice And Soup Detox Diet I had only lost 4 kg’s post pregnancy. He weighed 2.9 kg’s at birth, then you still need to account for the weight of the placenta and water, etc.- you do the math. I did not actually lose anything.

I wanted more energy, I wanted to save my skin, I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to feel healthy again. I am not completely unrealistic, I know this program won’t make me lose 26 kg’s, but it is a start.

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{Interview} Catherine Grenfell Chats To Us About Being A Mom With Tattoos, Her Kids, And A Whole Bunch Of Other Stuff

Catherine Grenfell has always been one of my girl crushes. The day Catherine started following my blog and left a comment (back when I posted my story About Being A Mom With Tattoos) I nearly pee’d my pants. I know I am pretty awesome (I mean, come on..) but she is just next level. For those of you who do not know, Catherine is a tattooed mom of three gorgeous kids and forms part of the Fresh team, Mondays to Fridays 5-8AM, as the executive producer on 5fm.

I admire any woman who can juggle a successful career, healthy lifestyle and family life. Catherine carries herself with so much grace – and she makes traffic bearable in the morning! It is safe to say that I want to be like her when I grow up… if I ever decide to grow up that is.

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Croshka Designs – Gorgeous Local Crochet Goods {Supporting Our Momtrepreneurs}

Last week we got such a lovely suprise delivery…Elena from Croshka Designs sent Mikayla the most gorgeous crochet beanie and little Knox got spoiled with a crochet pair of shoes. The quality is out of this world – thank you so much Elena.

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